Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three bed house-Query and reply


My name is Satheesh, working in Dubai, planning to build a house in Kannur District.
Im looking for a good house plan to construct a house in My 15 cent land. My budget is 12-15 lakhs & total sft. 1500 to 1800 sft 
I need 2 bed room (approx. size 450x400)  in downstairs 1 bed room in upstairs (approx. 300x360). Kitchen I don't need big size. 300x180 is enough for me. but I need big hall including dining.
I am planning to make the house in black stone (karinkallu) and bricks and lot of arches. there is no sunshade around the house. only arches in above the windows. Is this reduce the cost..?
Instead of wooden windows if possible to use aluminum windows with glasses..?
Sir, please e-mail me some good plans, elevations and your valuable suggestions for this.

Waiting for your reply in my e-mail id.

My reply

Plan of the house will have to be specifically developed  to meet your requirements,budget and site conditions.It require consideration of following aspects and hence just any plan of the house taken from a website or given by some one without considering following aspects will not be useful or suitable for you.
1.       Information provided by you on your needs, desires and hopes for the house.
2.       Vasthu aspects
3.       Traditional Kerala Architecture features
4.       Modern architecture features
5.       Structural engineering aspects to reduce cost of construction
6.       Kerala Building Rules.
Cents is area of the plot and it does not give any idea on dimensions of each side of plot.Without knowing dimensions of each sides of the plot and directions,plan cannot be prepared.Position of roads near the plot is also very important.So information on site conditions also should be known to the designer
Requirements as indicated in your mail indicate an approximate plinth area of 2500 sft and even with cost of present day,you cannot complete that house with just Rs.15 lakhs.So you will have to cut down on your requirements or find extra funds.
Building entire house with rubble(Karinkallu) is unnecessary  and it will cost more and take away lot of space of house.In Kerala conditions,sunshades are essential.Without sunshades your rooms will be flooded with water.Arches above windows are good if done properly with workers who know how to do Arches.But arches cannot substitute lintel concreting on the structural stability aspect.
300 x 180 size Kitchen will not be workable.
Aluminum windows will not reduce your cost and cannot be as good as wooden windows

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