Monday, January 10, 2011

Single storey or double storey?Query and reply


Just to get your opinion....considering the hotter seasons that are becoming hotter in Kerala, what is your opinion on building a one storey house instead of a 2 storey house, do u think that a two storey house will be cooler below.

We would like to build a one storey house with sloping tiled roofs, your opinion please, this house will be in a 2500 sq ft house in a 2 acre 'jathi tree' plot. what are your tips on making a one storey house cooler by using architectural skills.


My reply

If you have a large plot in a Jathi plantation you can as well go for single storey construction

Single story house may look less impressive if not suitably designed

I have done several single story houses with  good appearance and other good features.Single storey house will cost less if the plot has stable soil conditions compared to double storey construction.

Yes. There are ways to make the house cooler by design and by construction methods.

I am not simply going to write in detail about how to make house cooler.

Apart from this there are several aspects of house design where a qualified experienced professional like me can guide you during design and execution of work.

Let us first start with development of design for the house

You have not even told where you intend to construct house.

Square feet plinth area of the house will be known even to the designer only after finalising the design.But you seem to be knowing it in advance.As I have told many times in my blogs, square feet plinth area is not directly proportional to cost of building house.If you have budget constraints there is no harm in telling  frankly to your designer about funds that can be raised by you during construction ( own funds and borrowed money.)

But in reality almost all clients tell me a lesser figure than they can manage thinking that Architect will have some magic wand to bring down cost while not compromising on requirements.

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