Monday, January 3, 2011

Purchase of land at Cochin,Query and reply


I am S.Ravi from Ernakulum (DT) would like to buy land for making house near Chotanikara Temple or Puthencruze.
I am in search of 20 to 30 cents land suitable to make a house –road side or second plot from road.
Is it possible to help me for finding land and what will be your service fee?
Please reply.

My reply

Buying land   in Cochin area require your presence to go and visit various options available.
As you can understand real estate availability changes fast as buying and selling take place continuously.Unless you see the land and finalise the deal,the same land may get sold to somebody else.
Hence please contact me on mobile and fix up a convenient date and time for your plot visit.
I can advise our real estate division persons to do needful.
We not only provide real estate assistance.We will also assist and guide you on technical/legal assessment of property,documents and also will guide and assist you for fool proof documentation and other formalities related to property purchase.
Later we can also design and build your house with professional care ,guidance and assistance

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