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Queries on septic tank,Overhead tank,waste pits,clay tile polishing


Hi Sir,
   While surfing i got a chance to visit your blog, the site is informative and content rich.
I'm planning to construct a house I've a couple of doubts about septic tank capacity,
I'm planning to use two 750 liters overhead tank 
My house is having 3 bedrooms with attached toilet and a common toilet. In addition to this there two sinks one in kitchen and work area
The soil is good and normal rubble foundation is what recommended after soil testing
How can we arrive @  the capacity of septic tank, since drainage facility is not yet available in our area
  - What is the capacity of septic tank required for my house
- Do we need to construct separate septic tank for kitchen/work area and bathrooms
- Which one is better a ready made septic tank or to construct one.
- What is the maintenance period of a septic tank, i.e in what interval we need to do the cleaning
- Is there any other points to be considered before constructing a septic tank
Please advice me on this. When you are free .
with regards
Lalu George

My reply

You need professional guidance ,drawings and supervision from beginning to end of house construction and you picking up little bit of information on house construction from many people combined with misguiding you by contractor to save cost to increase his profit  will give you a house with lot of  quality problems,and insufficiencies.

There is no substitute for professional guidance and you will save lot of money by having  professional guidance even after considering fees payable to a professional

Three bed room house does not require two  750 liters over head tank.A normal family of four people will not use more than 500 liters of water in a day.So you need to go for only one 750 liter tank.

Septic tank with brick walls and plastering will be costly and over a period of time tree routes may damage brick walls.So use only Ferro cement  septic tank and underground water storage tank.Your Architect will select appropriate size septic tank in consultation with the manufacturer for your house.

For disposal of waste water from kitchen,wash basins and bath rooms waste pit is required and not septic tank.Here again your Architect will advise you on specifications of such waste pits.Septic tank cleaning may be required after ten years or more.At present live bacteria is available which when poured as per instructions through closet can clean septic tank within a few months.Use of such a product available in market can help clean septic tank without any hassles.


I read an article in Kerala Architecture and House construction on clay
tiles for indoor use.I am already purchased and installation of terracotta
tiles in my home is under progress. However manufacturer/installer has
given different opinion on polishing. Please clarify.
You are suggesting polyurethane coating on terracotta flooring. This
coating needs any special care?
How it apply.
what is the commercial name of this coating.
Is machine cleaning is required after installation of tiles.
How it apply.
Where it is available.
please give your suggestions
Rajasekharan Pillai.G

My reply

Clay tile is manufactured  by using good quality mud only by reputed manufacturers.Others use low quality mud which in turn can affect strength of clay tile.With lesser strength,clay tile used in floor can get damaged by wear and tear over a period of time.

You should never do machine cleaning over clay tile.It will damage and remove the top coating on clay tile.After laying  of clay tiles you should cure it with water for few days.Thus mortar joining clay tiles will get strengthened.After curing period of at least seven days are over wash surface of clay tile laid with heavily diluted acetic acid.Leave it for drying for few days.

After the tile is dried  apply polish by hand.You can use polish material like mansion polish.After this polishing surface of clay tile will become moisture resistant.As an additional precaution you can apply poly urethane coating which you can buy from any paint shop.

It is available in Cochin,Coimbatore etc.In small towns it may not be available.Poly urethane coating is not essential if polishing is done well.

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