Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Solid concrete block instead of brick-Query and reply


Please send me your advice on using solid cement  blocks for the construction of residential building  or using bricks.

My reply

Solid block or hollow block can be used for construction instead of Brick.This will reduce cost of brick work at least by 30%
Both solid and hollow block is manufactured by using concrete without reinforcement using 1/4 inch" metal".Thus the material is basically concrete and hence proper mixing of materials in correct proportion and water curing for about 15 days after manufacture with hydraulic pressing is required.
How far the purchased block will confirm to these quality requirements will be doubtful.
Most of the manufacturers use less cement and they hardly water cure it for more than one or two days.
If properly manufactured these are strong enough for walls and 8 inch size block should be used for load bearing walls.
I have used these solid blocks for construction of a Nalukettu type house at Kuruppampady by ensuring proper quality of block used.

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