Monday, January 3, 2011

Flooring and other finishing works in house under construction-Query and reply


I had read your blog and found it be very informative.
Like others i am also very confused on flooring.
I would like the entire house (3400 sq.ft) to have a uniform color and look and feel. I was planning for granite slabs from Bangalore, but have heard comments that it does not add to the look and feel.
I am currently abroad. If you need to discuss, my father can call you. Our house is in Chengannur.
Kindly advice.
Thanks and Regards,

My reply

You really require a qualified and experienced Architect to advise and guide you not only on flooring but also other finishing works for the house like the following:
1.Plumbing and sanitary fittings
2.Electrical wiring and fittings
4.Selection of toilet wall and floor tiles
5.Interior design and Interior wood work
On all these aspects of building construction there are technology changes and change of trends .Your local contractor ,friends and relatives may know a bit about these but definitely not on every aspect.
By obtaining consultancy and guidance from a professional you not only get advice on best options for your house meeting your budget,dreams and expectations ,but also get proper guidance to save quite a lot of your money.
For your house under construction at Chengannur I can visit your site and guide you on all these aspects and also assess work so far done and check Vasthu compliance.

Are you interested?

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