Saturday, January 29, 2011

Query again on square feet labour contract rate


sir                                                                                                   I am planning to build a house in Trivandrum.while giving for labour contract which area is to be calculated is it plinth or carpet area?


My reply

Labour contract or square feet rate contract are basically crude methods of engaging work on contract basis and is not approved or recommended by any good professional.

Non professional contractors use these crude methods  like some one trying to catch a fish by offering a bait of food by hiding the steel hook inside food.These rates are just a lie  given to you initially by the non professional contractor to get you inside his arm.Once you are caught you cannot escape.After you start work,no other contractor will come to take up work even if you feel compelled to do away with original contractor.

As the work progresses  contractor will start demanding extras and you will end up paying much more than original agreed rates as you have little or no alternate way of completing your construction.
In any labour contract,non professional contractor will try to reduce labour content in the work to increase his profit even at the cost of quality of construction for which he will pay only lip services.
He will continue to misguide you and will try to convince you that wrong practices of construction adopted by him to increase his profit are the right way of doing the work.
If you have an independent qualified and experienced professional to provide drawings,specifications and instructions for the work continuously then situation can improve.In such a scenario,the contractor will either leave the contract or ask for increased rate
Whether the contractor considers plinth area or carpet area for calculating amount payable to him is for him to answer.Mostly they consider plinth area  as measured by them which again will be higher than actual plinth area.

If you need professional guidance, design ,detailed drawings for the work,we can be of assistance to you

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