Friday, January 7, 2011

Review of plan prepared-Query and reply


I  have a plan to construct a home bounded to low cost. Fortunately I've reached in your blog and that was very informative.
I am hereby attaching a part-plan of bed room to get your valuable comments on the "bath room door position".
I would like to go for an arrangement which is indicated and I have seen an arrangement of its kind in hotel and apartment bed rooms.
I wish you would send me an advice to get an idea to finalize.

My reply

A plan of house is prepared considering several aspects including Vasthu
As per Vasthu there are certain positions for bed rooms.
Without knowing directions I cannot comment on suitability of bed room position
In any case total plan has to be seen to decide on various aspects


Thank you very much for your reply. I am attaching herewith the site layout for your review.
Please note that, home positioned as East at front side.
As I indicated in my previous mail please advice me on merit & demerits of bath room entrance as positioned.

My reply

Following are my comments on the plan sent
1.Dining space 300 x 300 is insufficient
2.U shaped stair is old fashioned and 15 threads will not be sufficient to reach top.Such old fashioned stair arrangement will produce a dark underutilized space below stair
3.263 x 140 space for toilet will be inconvenient.140 cm width is insufficient and 262 cm length for such a toilet will be  too much.Proper arrangement will be difficult
I can revise the plan  and give you modified better plan which will not only give you better facilities  but also lesser cost of construction

Toilet you have shown can have a closet at south side wall and rest entire area can be used only for bath with a shower on long wall.If re arranged same or lesser space can be utilised better

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