Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Commencement of house construction at Kainakary,Alleppey.Query and reply


Dear Mr. Thomas
I am planning to start the construction of my House. Its in Kainakary village - Alappuzha. The plot is beside a small branch river of Pampa.
Can you tell me is there any issues for using M-sand for concreting also for brisk wall ?
If I send you the plot diagram, can u tell me the aspects of Vasthu and location of the house should be etc. ?
Which will be the cost effective and strong foundation - with Black stone ( Karinkallu) or concreting belt and pillar from the bottom of the ground ?
I hope you will have little bit time to answer my queries.
Cleetus Antony
From Afghanistan.

My reply

1.Manufactured sand is better than river sand if made to correct size.It can be used for concrete and brick work.River sand available in Kerala in many places have many impurities in it  which may be harmful in the long run for the building.For plastering you may have to use river sand with appropriate size.

2.It will be better if I can visit your site to study site conditions,Vasthu aspects etc.If you send me the plot sketch I can tell Vasthu aspects related and applicable to the plot

3.After studying site conditions,soil nature and architectural design for the house,a structural consultant will suggest  appropriate foundation design for your house.Type of foundation cannot simply be selected or decided by you.Leave such decisions to the experts..

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