Sunday, January 16, 2011

House for middle class-Query and reply


hello sir
i have seen your projects pictures and articles in internet.very excellent. congrats.
but i did not see a project which is suitable for middle class who is looking for low coast house.i want to construct a low coast i hope you wil and can advise me.
my name is Rajesh and my place is Adoor.
my plan is a 3 bed room hall kitchen pooja bathroom and toilet.single story with interlock bricks.and as per vasthu.area required 1000 plus and a verandah. flat roof above that sheet roof.(this can do latter)bed room to be accommodated a double bed almira and a computer table.after that room should be little much is the minimum size required.
in kitchen tables for gas can be constructed with highly polished kadappa or kota stones.
to reduce coast floor of hall kitchen and bath room with  tiles and other place with red oxide or clay tiles.external electrical wiring preferred.exterior and interior with water proof paints.what are the advantages and disadvantages of interlock plan is to start after 6 - 8 months.for this project how much will be the approximate coast.
please advise
My reply

An architect or professional experienced in design and construction of house need not necessarily work only for large houses with high budget.

I have designed and built houses with plinth area as low as 300 sft to 6000 sft.Most of the people with lower budget some how has a wrong impression that it is not worth taking professional guidance and assistance for designing and building their house.It is due to this reluctance of clients with lower strata of funds  that Architects tend to do more of high budget houses.

We can only work work for those who approach us and cannot go in search of those who think that we are costly and avoid us.Charges for professional services naturally will be less for low budget houses and hence more and more people should come forward to have professional services for design and construction of their houses.

It will be better to leave finding out ways and means of reducing cost to the professional rather than you own your own decide what all you should do to reduce cost of construction.Your part knowledge and wrong impressions may land you in trouble without professional guidance and assistance.You can always tell frankly to your Architect about your funds availability so that he can work out a house for you within your funds restrictions, if any.

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