Friday, January 21, 2011

Construction labour contract-Query and reply


I am resident of Thodupuzha.  I have purchased a plot in , Mattoor, Kalady. This plot is a sloping land and to avoid filling it up with mud to the road level we have decided on having half the plot , i.e. the front portion of the plot filled up with mud, and the other part we have decided to construct a basement and hence avoid filling the whole land and also we can use this land. our plan is for a 3 story ie, basement, ground and first floor with only two rooms. I am attaching the plan of the basement and the ground.

Now my question, the house is total of 2200 sq. ft.  The constructor has given us a rate of 275 /sq. ft. for labor with us providing the material and him building the structure.  There are rates of 180 to 200 /Sq. Ft. in Kalady area for structure building on flat land.  This rate is so as there is work in the foundation part.

I am not sure if this rate is too high or if we are being taken for a ride in this case. I kindly request you to provide me with your valuable input.

Waiting for your reply anxiously.

Kind regards
Asha Suresh

My reply

For a three story building construction you should not simply leave the work to be done as he pleases  to a  mere contractor.There has to be a professional Engineer to design structure work.
When you build a three storey building it will have to be a column beam construction if the soil is stable.If the soil is not stable,you may even require  concrete piling.
Nature of foundation,column , beam and roof steel reinforcements will have to be properly designed by a Structural Engineer and before concreting it has to be ensured that the contractor has done steel work as per drawing and as per instructions of the Engineer.
Any contractor taking up work on square feet basis without involvement of a professional Engineer will try to do the work with as little labour input as possible.You may not be knowing about right practices of construction and he will make you believe that whatever he does is the right way of doing.
I do not know whether you have got the plan prepared by a  qualified experienced professional .I could not open your attachments.Can you send these plans in pdf form?
In any case it will not be good if you do the filling before doing foundation work.Land filling and leveling  can be done after completing foundation work for the building
Labour rate of 200 per sft is more reasonable for the type of work you are talking about.If you tell the contractor that he will have to do the work as per drawings and instructions of an Engineer,he may not be willing to do the work even at  Rs.275.
Every non professional contractor wants to make more  profit .Proper Engineering standards and correct construction practices  will increase his labour cost and he will  talk and convince you that it is not required
When you build ,you should have professional guidance from beginning to end.No Engineer can rectify  or suggest ways to correct mistakes done during construction, after the work.

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