Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purchase of land at Cochin and house construction.Query and reply


hi, I am Tintu, an NRI. i read all the information about u from your site. i like to entrust u a project.. Find min 5 cents of house plot in Ernakulum district(can be in outskirts of the city) and construct a house for me. we will give u the basic plan of the house.if u r interested please inform me. i will give u further information so that and i can get the quotation from u

My reply

For buying land in and around Cochin, there will be several options available at any point of time and plots available keep on changing depending upon transactions taking place
So for purchase of plot,you have to visit Cochin
Without knowing outer dimensions of the plot,directions,roads near plot you cannot simply use a plan prepared by you/obtained by you  without considering any of these factors and Vasthu factors if you require Vasthu compliance.
Without any of these preliminary design details available,we cannot simply give a quotation.
So first step will have to be your visit to Cochin

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