Monday, January 10, 2011

Plan of the house-Is that so simple?Query and reply


Dear Mr. Thomas,
Went through your interesting website, I would be obliged if you can you send me by email a plan for a 3 bedroom one storey house around 2500 sq ft. 
R. Anto

My reply

Plan of your house  to be built is not as simple as something I can send immediately after getting a mail request from any one like this.

Before preparing even an initial plan of the house to be built for discussion with client and Architect the following steps are to be completed.

1.Preferably a site visit by the Architect

An experienced and well informed Architect can see and observe many factors essential to be understood from the plot and surroundings before attempting to work on plan of your house.Plot dimensions  of all four sides and directions have to be obtained.For consideration of Vasthu aspects directions,position  of roads nearby ,river or any other water body nearby will have to be considered

2.Studying your requirements for the house

An Architect will have to get many information from you on your needs,hopes and dreams for the house and also your budget limitations if any.He may also have to discuss with other members of your family to understand their individual needs and dreams for the house

3.Just any plan prepared for any one may not suit your needs,your plot limitations and Vasthu factors.So never simply copy a plan from any website for your house

4.Plan preparation for your house by a qualified experienced Architect will call for all the expertise and knowledge of the Architect.A wrong plan can make you loose lakhs of your money and you will understand problems and shortages of the design only when you start living in the house.By then it will be too late.

So never try to save that few thousands payable to an Architect as design fees.If you save that money you will loose in plenty and will be left with a house with all sorts of problems about which no Architect can do anything after construction to correct or improve.

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