Sunday, January 2, 2011

Log wood house-Query and reply


I went thro the palace at Kayamkulam but what i am discussing about is a log house made entirely of wood ,walls,floor and shingles on the roof top. These log houses are common in Canada and other cold climatic places. If u go to Google and type log houses you will understand what exactly I am talking about These houses can be imported as a kit according to ur design. This is made of kiln dried pine wood with tongue and groove system with humidity less than 15%. I am based in Kuwait and hence ignorant whether these log houses are available in India.Kindly reply

Dr.Thomas Thomas


First of all you have to understand that wood is very cheap in places like Canada and wood they use there like cedar can withstand snow conditions there easily.
Even in Kerala we import such wood from other countries mainly due to the cheap and large size in which wood is available.But when it reaches Kerala,wood mills here sell these wood at comparable cost  to other local wood  gulping down profit,even though these imported wood are not good in our climate.Pingoda is one such wood commonly imported.To effectively market it here mill owners re christened Pingoda as "cheru Teak" even though it has nothing to do with teak.
Even if you import those log wood house as a kit,it will be difficult for such wood to withstand our heat and humidity.
So over a period of time such imported wood will get brittle and tend to break.
Trees grown in Kerala like Anjily,plavu,teak etc. can easily withstand our climatic conditions.But you cannot even think of having a log wood house using our tree wood due to their exorbitant cost

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