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Replies to queries-House construction



Dear Thomas,

I have gone through some of your blogs and thought of sending u an email.

We are planning to build a one storey Kerala house with verandahs with 3 bedroom and 2 attached and 1 common bathroom kitchen and a hall in 16 cent of land in our village,

our budget is around 12 to 15 lakhs. Please help me with your valuable suggestion

on its possibility. if u could just sketch a rough plan it will be more helpful.

Thanks a lot.


My reply

You have not even told where you intend to construct house.16 cents of land simply gives an idea on area of land.For a house to be planned I need to know how much road frontage plot has,where is the road,directions,terrain of land and much more

Plan of the house is specifically designed to suit your requirements,budget,site measurements and site conditions.Any plan made for house for any one will not simply suit you.Three bed room house in single story may have an area of about 1300 to 1500 sft with usual common facilities.Even with present cost of construction,it will not be possible to complete such a house within Rs.15 lakhs.The more you delay construction,more will be the cost

I have sent detailed mail on what all you should know and do to start constructing a house to you

Wooden flooring

What is your opinion about laminate wood flooring?

(Through blog comment)

My reply

Wooden flooring is not costly compared to granite flooring.It is more environment friendly.You can comfortably sleep on the floor and walk without having to worry about negative effects of walking on artificial flooring material.But you will have to keep the floor neat without rubbing it with wet cloth.Wet cloth will damage wood in the long run

Licensee certifying for submission drawings to local authority

you said that architects, licensed engineers or super visors can approve a plan. can you please mention who all include in this category

(Through Blog comment)

My reply

For obtaining Building permit/approved plan from local authority in Kerala,you have to submit application and submission drawings as per rules duly filled and counter signed by a Licensed Engineer/Architect/supervisor having registration of license with Dept. of Urban affairs,Kerala.State

Dream House for NRI at Kannur


Hi I am Céline live in UK.planning to build a house back in Kerala in my home town.while I was going through the construction company my eyes got caught on yours.

hope you will be able to help me.

our place name is Pachani in Kannur.It is a small place ,the area we are planning to build is a flat plot about an acre in between 2 small hills.its a lovely place.

I am looking to build a house within 2800sqft area.5 bed room house,2 bed room down stairs and 3 up.looking forward to see different models please.I am desperate so please do help me.thanks.

waiting to hear from u.

Céline Scaria

My reply

You do not have to be desperate

I can convert your dreams in to reality with professional care,guidance and assistance

I will have to first visit site where the house has to come up to study site conditions and to make myself familiar with site and surroundings so that I can dream your future house better and check Vasthu aspects for the plot so that a Vasthu compliant design can be developed

You will have to write to me in detail what all you hope to have in the house and your dreams for the house.

Construction of house using Ferro cement


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I came across your website on Ferro cement construction. I retired as Chief Gen. Manager, Cochin Shipyard and now stay at Ernakulum.

I require an additional room on the first floor of my residence and having gone through your website came to the conclusion that a Ferro cement construction would be the right option. Could you be of assistance please.

T J Cherian

My reply

A Ferro cement construction will be good.But right now in and around Cochin there is only one some what reliable company doing just Ferro cement septic tanks and under ground water tanks.Due to lack of competition,they are not much customer friendly to do custom built Ferro cement building parts

So option before you will be to do the construction of one extra room with solid block concrete bricks.

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