Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Hello Mr Thomas

My name is Melvin Mathew and I am a resident of Thiruvalla and currently staying currently outside India.

I saw your blog and I feel you are the right person who could help me with some ideas on modification of the outdoor of my house.

I have a big fish tank that was built in front of my house about 6.5 deep and the length is about 9 m and width of 4m. I had different variety of fish there, but nowadays I don't find time to maintain there and don't find people who can help for that as well and so maintaining it has become difficult for me and no more scope of an aquarium there. I don't stay there regularly so I wanted to do some changes with it or modify it so that it can add to the beauty of the house and could be of some use so that I don't just need to close it. I have some grapes growing just above it, hanging on an curved iron rod structure, so closing it will would mean losing the grapes which I don't want to..

Could you please help me with some good ideas, and if possible I can call you as well or we can meet when I come to Kerala. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Warm Regards

Melvin Mathew

Bradford University School of Management, MBA 2011

My reply

I can give you suggestions on better landscape design for your house outdoor only after a site visit.Are you interested?

CRZ restrictions for river side house


Hi Mr. Thomas,

Found your website very useful/informative.

I am a UK resident, primarily from Palakkad.

I had brought a property – 23 cents behind UC College – right at the bank of Periyar – the property can be seen from the Mangalapuzha bridge.

The property was divided from a bigger property of 50 cents and the person who sold me has a big house constructed in his plot a few years back.My property has a 20 min frontage and has a depth of 35 meters.

I now want to sell this off due to other commitments. Recently, I heard that there are some rules which prohibit construction at riverside.

Is this true ?  Appreciate if you could spare some valuable time and provide some guidance on the same ?

Vinod Kumar

My reply

CRZ act prohibits construction up to 50M from river side

It is possible to construct if you have an existing building line.(an existing building should come in same line of your building) or a road in between.But you will have to get prior permission from concerned local authority before commencement of construction

Renovation of Existing House


Dear Sir,

My name is Siva Kumar. I reside in Chennai.I am planning to renovate the ground floor of my house and to construct first floor as well.

Just wanted your help for the designs and plans. Also, is it possible for you to visit the site? If yes, then please let me know the date and expenses.

Please find attached pictures of my existing house in Chennai.



Dear Thomas,

Seen your site which offers various services in home renovation.

Let me introduce my self as Saji Dominic working in Abu Dhabi.

We got an old house approx. 40 years old in mukkotuthara near Erumely. Its a normal house . Would like to know if are taking contracts for such jobs or will be able to provide a good design for the same.

Since the place is distant from Ernakulum, based on your convenience i will be able to share you few snaps of the house to be renovated.

Appreciate your response.

Saji Dominic

My reply

To start with, I will have to visit villa to be remodeled and study work involved for remodeling/extension.After the site visit, I will give a report on what exactly can be done on the existing structure to meet your expectations/needs

Based on this initial evaluation of work, using measurements collected from site and your old drawings related to the house if any, I will prepare what we call a Basic Plan for the modified house which will show positions and dimensions of rooms, doors and windows of the remodeled house only. This Basic Plan if required can be revised without any extra charges to meet your requirement fully, subject to our acceptance of your change requests

After this, we will go systematically in a professional manner by providing complete professional care and technical  guidance to reach your dream house.

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