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Answers to queries-House Design and construction

Cost of construction



I got your e-mail ID from http://www.keralaarchitecture.com. I am planning to build a home. I have already:
Acquired land
Created a plan.Kindly help me estimate the cost of building the home.We already prepared a plan. Just want to know a rough estimate. Will you be able to help?


Jinesh. P. G.

My reply

Just any plan prepared by any one will not suit your house to be built.Most important part of building a house well is not getting a contractor who quote lowest rate to get work and start demanding extras at every stage and finally giving you worst house at high cost.

Get the best plan designed by the best Architect you can find with lots of experience.Experience and lots of common sense make an Architect the right person for you

A well designed plan can save you lakhs of rupees and better utilisation of your space and money

Improving on plan prepared


Good day Sir,

My name is Sreejith Sadanandan, a resident of Pandanad (near Chengannur). My brother is working abroad as draughtsman . Now we together are planning to build a new house just behind our old one, considering our front courtyard and space constrains. Towards this, my brother prepared a plan, we discussed over it and made some changes considering some very basic vasthu aspects. This plan just satisfies our room and space requirements.

Now we need an expert architect to look into the plan and improvise the plan for a better appearance and optimum utilization of space considering the technical aspects and current trends. In addition we are a little worried about the roof part, its appearance after the competition and rain water flow related technicalities. Yesterday I happen to see your website, got interested in your designs and decided to consult you with my plan.

I'm attaching the plans with changes being made in the final plan. I request you to look into the plan and improvise it. With your expertise and vast experience, I hope you can make this plan a far better one. We have not yet decided to build the house on a contractual basis or else. Further, I can come down to your office any time you require. Thanking you,

                                                                                                                                        Sreejith S

My reply

I will go through plan and other  drawings sent by you and will write to you with my comments.It is good that you thought of getting your plan checked at this initial stage itself.




I got your mail id's from your website when I was searching for information about red oxide I hope you had done your projects on red-oxide flooring. Even otherwise could you please advice me on the cost of red-oxide flooring. That would be really a great way to decide red-oxide flooring for my house.
Since the cost of Vitrified tiles is high with Rs.45 for the material at a minimum and another Rs.45 for the labour and materials I thought I can go for red-oxide flooring. More over its beautiful and gives an aesthetic look.

My reply

You can use clay tiles on floor.Cost around Rs.20 per sft

It is difficult to get masons who can do red oxide flooring well these days



Dear Sir,

I came across your articles (construction of houses) on the net.I want to make a house in Changanacherry.I stay outside Kerala.Thought of making a 2 storey so that I can give the upper floor for rent.I can afford only 20 lakh loan.My rough plan comes to 1700sqft.

What is your opinion about Low Cost houses ? How good are interlocking bricks for Kerala weather?pls advice.Do you have branch near Changanacherry?Do you take up construction in any place?I had shown my plan to a contractor , he quoted 1500/sq. ft.But I cant afford.Please help              


My reply

Low cost houses of Larry Baker about 15 years back were based on assumption that “material is  costly and labour is cheap”.So any amount of labour used to save material cost was the basis of “low cost houses” of those days.

Today labour is costly and difficult to get.So efforts are on to reduce labour to the extent possible in house construction.I do not recommend interlock bricks for house construction.You can use it for compound wall construction.

We can design and build your house at Changanassery.Right now we are doing a house at Changanassery.Regarding quotation given by contractor read what I have written above in another reply.

Square feet plinth area of the house will be known only after your Architect finalise plan of your house and you cannot simply assume it.

House with limited budget


I am  having a plot of 15 cent.I would  like to make a house of  1400 - 1600 sq. feet and  my budget is 12 - 15 lac.i prefer to a 4 bed room home,hall.kitchen,work area,dining room.and all the bedrooms are to b attached..if u can send me some photos of these type of houses,it will b more helpful for me.and one more thing my budget will remain same.  tat much money only m having.


My reply

It may not be possible for you to construct a four bed house with just Rs.15 lakhs even by present cost of construction inputs.If you postpone construction,cost can only go up.

My advice to you is to start construction with whatever funds you have as in Indian conditions cost of all inputs can only go up due to large scale uninterrupted looting by politicians.All these scams are pushing prices up




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