Thursday, July 7, 2011

Answers to queries



hi sir,

My name is prince  and I am working in air force.I would like to make an independent house of around 1000- 1500 sq. budget is 12 to 15 lac.I am planning to make this house next year beginning.please provide me the instructions.


My reply

You have to tell me the following:

1.Where do you intend to construct house?

2.Square feet plinth area of the house will be known only after your Architect designs your house plan suited to your site conditions,your needs and possible budget.So tell me what all you need in the house and what all you hope to have in the house.

I am copying below our standard Introductory mail which will give you a fair idea on how to go about designing and building a house.



I have a plot at Cherai ( about 2 km from beach ). its about 28 cents. I plan to build a traditional Indian home there.
am currently studying in USA, but is at Vypeen ( cochin ), for about a couple of weeks. I wish to know how you will be able to help me.

I might not be open for visiting the plot, cause i wish to keep the plot and the neighbours from being disturbed. that could be done only when everything is fixed.

Yours Sincerely,
Arun Kannanganat

My reply

Ok.I do not have to visit plot.You can send me plot dimensions,position of roads nearby and directions.Also write to me in detail on what all you need in the house


Dear Mr. Viruvelil,

I have a 06 cent corner plot in Kakkanad facing South with a bell mouth on south west and I would like to build a 2200 sq. ft. house with following features,

Car Porch on east south

Sit out

Kitchen 4*4.25m on south east behind car porch

4 bed rooms with attached toilets ( 4*4.25m) ( Toilet 2*1.5m)

a common toilet under Stairs

1 Hall ( 6*5m) south west

1 dining ( 5*5 m) North East

Balcony and Open terrace on South west

Please find attached sketch of plot, a rough plan drawn by me, preferred  pictures of house.

Is it sense to give contract to a local contractor..

Please help me to build beautiful simple house to meet my budget avoiding costly extra works.

Kind Regards

Biju Antony

My reply

I will look at drawings and details sent by you and will reply in detail later

If you want to build your house at Kakanad,why don't you think of giving us entire work from design to completion of house?



Dear  Thomas,

Happened to see you blog. Definitely you are giving very valuable information for people like us, who are planning to build houses. I have a 7.5 cent rectangular plot in Peyad, Trivandrum with a 30 year old tiled house. I would like to demolish that house to build a house of around 2000 sft. In order to make an estimate I prefer you to visit the plot during my next vacation ( after 1 month- at present I am in Dubai).

Please let me know your charges for the visit/consultation.



My reply

I can visit your site study site conditions,take measurements and provide you a plan of the modified house to start working on your desire to remodel your existing house

From there ,I will guide you step by step to convert your existing house  to a better house with more facilities and modern look with all it's old glory retained

Kindly indicate your possible period of visit in advance for me to confirm date of my visit to your plot,as I cannot commit a date of visit on short notice

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