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Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation,1,August,2014

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Building rules


Ali has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Is there any relaxation for the space which has to be left according to rule , if we have concerned letter from our neighbor .

My reply

You can get relaxation in clearance space of building with property of neighbour provided
you are willing to  avoid doors and windows in that side and neighbour is willing to give consent in writing in stamp paper


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
In Calicut corporation area,I want to construct a ground(for parking)+2 floor(ONE FOR RENTAL AND THE OTHER ONE FOR SELF )in 5 cent area.
any rule regarding the road width like 8 feet/10 feet/12 feet like that?
if so what is the rule?


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Would you know what is the maximum height allowed for constructing a building in the Kota Maidanam (Fort Maidan) area in Palakkad. The area comes under the 300 meter Regulated Zone around the ASI protected monument of Palakkad Fort.
I was first told that under ASI rules, the height restriction is 18 meters for residential and 24 meters for institutional buildings. However, locals say that because the Kota Maidanam hosts VIP meetings regularly, the height restriction is capped at G+2 storeys.
I would be grateful if you could clarify what is the right answer.

My reply

Get the matter clarified from concerned section of local administration office by providing specific details of your plot


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have recently purchased a three cents plot with road on two sides in a panchayat area. It is reported by all that it is necessary to leave 3 m from two sides. Is there any relaxation or exemption to build a house without leaving 3 meters.

My reply

For three cents or less there are relaxations in clearance space to be left while constructing house.Get specific information from concerned section of local authority office


mrpc has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
should we any "licensed engineers seal and sign" for panchayath drawing for number...? (now.2014)

My reply

As per present rule,completion certificate from Licensed Engineer/Architect/Supervisor not required for getting completion certificate from panchayath excluding special grade Panchayath


Muneer has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have built a new house near my old home.The distance between old and new building is 2 meter in the front and from the middle to rear it reduces to 1.2 meter.Can you please advice me ,is it allowed .if not how to rectify this

My reply

I can comment on this only after a site inspection


Sujan has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I am planning to purchase a plot(4 cents) , its falls under panchayat limit. In the village tax receipt its mentioned as "Nilam" ,can i get permission to construct a house .or i need to convert it as 'puraiyedam' . is it possible to convert ? as almost 97 houses are already constructed there. please advice

My reply

If 97 houses have come up in the area why should alone be prevented from constructing a house there.Before purchasing plot check up with local authority whether sanction will be given for house construction


Sakeer has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have 8.5 cent , i am planning to construct a house but there a 11 kv electric line is passing over the property. Please clarify any restriction to build house under the 11 Kv line

My reply

Constructing house below 11KV or any high voltage electric line is not advisable as the inductive field around high voltage line can cause  problems for those who stay under it

Building materials


Balu has left a new comment on your post "Is a plan enough for building house?":
This is about chimney. The store bought modern chimney does not serve the purpose totally. How about building a compact chimney in cement and using an exhaust fan on exit?

My reply

Chimneys of different sucking capacity are available in market.Using chimney in brick work and using an exhaust  fan is like using a bullock cart instead of a car

Consultancy Services


Philip has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I am a frequent reader of your blog and its a gr8 help for people like us recently I purchased a 1.20 acres of land in Chengannur town and i want to build a villa project there. I am not a registered builder. what things i need to do to start a villa project and what is the minimum road width i need to leave in my plot?

My reply

To start a project like this you first need assistance from an agency like ours.Write to me to

See what all we can do for you:

Ours is a professionally managed Engineering organisation based at Cochin handling Architecture, Construction, Industrial Marketing, Real estate assistance, Engineering and Management Consultancy

For making your dream house a reality we can do following for you

1. Assistance in land purchase

We can arrange technical and legal evaluation of property with site visit by technical expert, verifying property documents by documentation experts and lawyers and also arranging property registration formalities with expertise and professional services. Land and House purchase loan can be arranged through M/s HDFC Limited

2. House design

In the present situation, where cost of all inputs used for House construction going up every day, cost control and obtaining maximum utility for money spent can be achieved only by house design by experienced expert building professional. With over 200 houses built directly by us in different parts of Kerala and many more buildings designed, we have expertise and experience which you may not find elsewhere

3. House Construction

In Kerala, people look for a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”. Each house will cost differently depending upon design; work involved material used, site conditions etc. and there cannot be a common “square feet cost of Construction”

Each contractor build as per his choice of materials, labour and most of them do not even know about Architecture or Structural Engineering. There can be common rates for construction only if all contractors follow same specifications, and Engineering standards which never happen. Unless you have an expert experienced building professional to provide technical drawings and construction is monitored on a daily basis you cannot ensure that a contractor looking for profit will do a quality work satisfying engineering standards

We offer professional quality work with latest technology and trends using expert workers closely monitored by Architects and Engineers

4. Vasthu Consultancy and Vasthu compliance for House Design

We follow Vasthu Sasthra while designing house for you thereby ensuring peace and prosperity during your stay in the house. We can also visit your house under construction and existing house to check on Vasthu aspects and to suggest suitable changes in building to ensure Vasthu compliance

5. After structure work and checking of work done

We can take up any work related to construction from beginning to end. Even in case where you already working with another contractor, we can visit site, check on work already done and advise on future works

It will be better to have our expert services for after structure works like Plumbing, Electrical, painting, flooring and Interior wood work even in cases where you have opted for a contractor for structural work

We can also act as Consultants giving detailed execution drawings and periodic site visits

6. Remodeling of existing house

In many cases your existing house can be remodeled and renovated with our guidance and involvement. We have done several such remodeling works in different parts of Kerala using our expert workers

7. Interior wood work and Furniture

We have fully equipped manufacturing facility at Cochin for taking up Interior wood work like Modular Kitchen, cupboards etc. All goodness of traditional Kerala Architecture including hand carving of wood can be done with modern technology inputs

8. Consultancy and supervision

We can act as consultants for your project giving technical as well as management consultancy for smooth running of your house construction project or any other Engineering/Management related activity. If you are an NRI, we can keep you posted on daily progress of work through specific blog for the project which will have complete progress details of project including pictures from site on a continuous basis. Even in cases where you opt to have a different builder we can give technical drawings, site visits to ensure quality and technical correctness of work on a regular basis. Details of consultancy package offer available on request



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