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Kerala House Construction: Free consultation,12,August,2014

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Few Elevations of houses designed by us

1.2000 sft  three bed house

benny thomas-22-07-11 copy

2.3000 sft four bed house

frazer antony-30-07-11 copy

3.3500 sft four bed house

jacob thomas-22-04-10

4.2800 sft four bed house

roy john-18-06-12

5.3200 sft four bed house

Tomi thomas-12-04-10

Cost of construction of house


My name is saxon, i have just saw your blog about low cost house building techniques( ) and i was truly impressed as I am planning to rebuild my house .

My house is located at  cochin in five cents of land.What i have in my mind is a single storied(concrete roofed, with no elevations) apprx1200 sqft house with four bedrooms with two toilets,hall and kitchen.that is what "i wish for" but I am not too knowledgeable in building plans and techniques.but the real  challenge in front of me is that whether i can finish it within my small budget of 12 lacs.

please be kind enough to inform me  whether it is possible or not? and if it is possible how you can help me with construction of my dream home with low budget building techniques.

My reply

Several people have this mistaken notion that cost of construction can wary from contractor to contractor and if the contractor feels so he can build house at any cost!

No contractor will try to reduce cost of construction.His operation strategy will be to give you wrong idea that he only can build house at very low cost.How can a contractor reduce cost of many materials which go in to construction?All contractors buy materials and hire workers from same market which never offer him or any body else a lower cost.In fact  cost go up everyday.

As both labour and materials going in to construction of house goes up everyday,only person who can bring down your cost of construction is a qualified experienced building professional.He may not work for you without charges.But his fees will be negligible when compared to following benefits he will bring to your house design and construction

1.Better design of the house giving more utility for each built up space,avoiding wastage of space and money

2.Advice on each stage of construction giving you advantage of information on latest technology and trends

3.Proper engineering and design for each stage of construction with periodic site inspection to check compliance with drawings and quality of construction

Contractor has only one prime objective of increasing his profit even though you try hard to reduce cost.He may even compromise on structural architectural correctness of work to increase his profit by  pushing you in to trouble at later stages of life of building

Finally ,there is no such square feet cost of construction applicable everywhere.No two contractor build house in same manner.How can there be comparable rates of contractors?Square feet plinth area of the house will be known only after your Architect complete at least plan of the house and not by your imagination

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