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Free Consultation-July 30,Part 2

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Building Rules


Sir, I have about ten cents of land close to a river in in Kannur district. When I had applied for permission for construction some two years ago the Secretary of the Panchayat rejected my application citing that the proposed building is within 50 meters from the river. (With the size of the plot, I can leave only about 35 feet) I then kept the project in abeyance.
Please note that there are already houses on both the sides of my plot constructed before 1991 and also there is a PWD road between the river and my plot regularly plying buses and other vehicles. Will I be able to get permission based on these reasons? Please help. Regards Ravi

My reply

My understanding of CRZ Act is that you will be allowed to construct house on Building line of existing building if the building existed before 1993.Also a road between water body and your plot can get you sanction.Please check with concerned local authority office


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I have only 2 cents in Trivandrum corporation.i want to build a house over how much space should i leave from neighbours property and from road


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I want to construct a two storied house in 5.5cents plot .The plot has roads in front side & back side in which both front & backside roads of the plot are byroad from the main street.This plot is second plot from the main street.Can you please advise what are the set backs to be left on all sides .

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I recently bought a plot in Peerumedu, Idukki District for building a house. Is there any statutory requirement specially needed for mining clearance etc. The plot is not close to any highway, roads, rivers etc. It's on a hillock/gradient.

My reply

Only after a Site visit,I can comment on this You can contact your local administration with specific plot details to know about restrictions applicable.

If you need our services,write to


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would like to know the rules regarding boundary wall ie., the height limit (how tall it can be from the boundary line),can construct just above the boundary line etc.

My reply

If your boundary wall is facing a road,you will have to get sanction for constructing boundary wall from local administration.They may ask for certain conditions and clearances

Construction cost


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what can be the cost of soil test


I am preethi, I like to build a house with 25 lakhs. Can I use Gypsam plastering for cost cutting?

My reply

There is no point in trying to get bits of information on house design and Construction from different sources.Trying to act as Architect for your house can only land you in trouble.House construction is not that simple for you to do design and construction directly

Get professional assistance.After studying your specific case ,you will be advised whether soil test required for your plot and if so how and at what cost.If you need our assistance contact us at


Vasthu Compliance


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The article you wrote is very useful to me especially at this time of my house construction. I asked the so called vasthu Asaari to design my kitchen at the S.E, but he refused first and on compulsion from my end, he drew it with a verandah at the right of the kitchen. So my doubt is to you sir, the veranda at the right of the kitchen, i.e, parallel to the kitchen is necessary in real vasthu. I do hope to have an answer .

My reply

Kitchen should preferably come at South East(Agni Konam) though Architect may choose a different location considering other factors.Cooking should be done facing East.Verandah has nothing to do with Vasthu requirements.

Instead of going to non professionals for design of house,go for professional advise as House design cannot be left to be done by any one.A wrong design can make you loose money,prevent you from having better utility for built up space.If you need our services in design of house with Vasthu compliance also satisfying architectural and structural engineering aspects write to

Construction problems from Flat/Villa promoter


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Dear Sri Thomas,
I had paid entire amount for a villa project in June 2012 and the builder has agreed to construct the villa in one year time. An agreement was signed to this effect. As per agreement the land area should be 6.5 cents but when I got the registration document the land registered is only 6 cents. i was not present at the time of registration and the builder has taken only a photograph and ID card from me. The Registration document got received only last month and up to this time the builder was delaying its delivery. The land registered directly from the landlord to my name and not from the builders name. Builder was suppose to construct 6 villas in the plot but after I paid the money, he stopped constructing villas and constructing flats in the area.
Kindly advice me on the following:
1. The villa is still not handed-over to me. can i make any claim for the delay. the agreement is silent about damages.
2. Can the builder construct flats instead of villas after i had paid the entire amount for my villa as upfront payment.
3. The distance between the villa and flats are just 2 meters. is it ok leaglly
4. what is the minimum land required for constructing a 3 floor villa.
5. is there any specific rule that the flat compound must be this much away from a residence or a villa.
6. can I make a claim on shortage of the land registered in the registration document compared to agreement?
i would appreciate , if you answer my queries.

My reply

Without visiting site and going through all relevant documents,I cannot comment on it.You should have taken professional guidance before paying money to ensure that your legal interests and property rights are in tact.In such cases an agency like us can guide you to safeguard your interests.Write to me directly to following email id as posting in blog cannot get you fast response

Construction methods


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation #Kerala House Construction":
I have heard that after foundation is done, mud needs to be filled into the holes and remain there for days to settle down, in the contrary people now also fill water for the mud to rest faster before concrete. Is this advisable, what is the right way? Moreover, when do we have to start watering the concrete or cement?

My reply

You seem to have taken design and construction of a house so lightly that you did not bother to get professional involvement from design stage to conclusion of work.

You cannot be an expert to decide on construction matters just by trying to get bits of information from different sources.Only after a visit to site and studying site conditions I can comment on your queries.You can contact me at

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