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Remodeling and Renovation of existing house


Dear Mr Thomas,
My house is in Tiruvalla. We desire to remodel the interior of our homer to include a Den, an extra bedroom and patio. Will you be able to help us?

Oommen Thomas

My reply

Sending communication like this to blog cannot get you quick response.Write to


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To start with, I will have to visit villa to be remodeled and study work involved for remodeling/extension

After the site visit, I will give a report on what exactly can be done on the existing structure to meet your expectations/needs

Site visit fee including my travel expenses by car in your case will be Rs.

After the site visit we will give you a report giving following details;

1. Whether the remodeling/extension considered by you is worth proceeding

2. Possible cost implications on a guess basis without going through Engineering Estimate methods

3. What exactly we can do for the work

4. Checking Vasthu compliance of the building and suggesting corrections if possible

We have the best talent with us in house design, interior design, Vasthu, and all related works for houses. Our experts can do professional quality work with excellence in craft and finish on all aspects of house design and construction. We also can take up house furniture work with latest trends, technology and traditional Kerala art features like hand carving.We also undertake technical/legal evaluation of property to help you purchase property with professional guidance. Our experts can provide you safe legal registration formalities for real estate purchase including follow up activities

Square feet rate


i would like to know how much is he cost per sq ft for doing interior works in house using teak wood and plywood.is present day plywood of good quality ,is it worth the extra money in using wood.


I am planning to build a house(Contemporary style) in 1600 square feet with 3 bedroom , kitchen , wash room , living room , Dining room and two bathrooms. Could you please let me know how much it will cost according to current trend.


What would be approx. cost per sq.ft as of today to built two rooms and adjacent bathrooms ....approx.1400 sqft. area

My reply

Square feet cost is a term much misunderstood by almost all. But you can understand how it is simply a term used to cheat you by looking at what it means

Take the case of house construction. Hundreds of material is used and different types of labour are used. Construction normally takes about an year or more. Cost of all these inputs goes up with no predictable nature. Still contractor who need business quote a so called “square feet cost” not because he like the idea but simply because you as customer or owner of house to be built will give work only to those who quote lowest “square feet rate”. You are not bothered whether the contractor is technically qualified or not. Most of them do not know anything about Architecture or Structural Engineering. Still you allow them to build as he pleases. You do not want a qualified experienced person to provide detailed execution drawings during construction and to check at every stage whether work is being carried out properly as per drawings. You are not bothered even if contractor uses only 400 Kg of steel for roof concreting which may require 1000 Kg of steel as per Engineering standards

Contractor will advise you not to spend money on an Engineer for continuous monitoring of quality of construction as he has done “several such buildings without any help from Engineer. He may even boast off saying “these Engineers do not know even half of what he knows” To save consultation and drawing charges of a professional, you allow free rein to contractor and contractor try hard to increase his profit by reducing both labour and material. Who is bothered about quality problems which may start showing after three or four years.

Your craze for getting lowest “square feet cost” make contractor richer and quality of construction suffers

How can there be a uniform rate applicable anywhere irrespective of specifications and quality of construction? Two contractors never do the work in same manner. Without a qualified professional to design and monitor work, you tend to waste lot of your money by improper advise by contractor and you loose better facilities you could have got in the house with professional design .

A professional experienced in house design and building can save you lakhs of your hard earned money and you can get you better facilities in the house at lesser cost.

All these arguments hold well in the case of Interior work also. When you go for lower rate, contractor goes for lower quality materials and less labour content work to increase his profit. Unless there is a professional to design and supervise work, contractor will take you for a ride. He is there in business to make profit and he always try to make you believe that what he gives you is the “best quality” .You think of you as smart for saving design cost and professional fees. Only the contractor turns out to be smarter than you

Cost of Construction


Sir, I desire to construct a house that is having all essential living infrastructure in low cost at Kayankulam. Would you like to assist me to construct a house of my dream in low cost.

My reply

First of all such queries should be sent directly to my email id rather than posting it in the blog.My email id is


Ours is a professionally managed Engineering organisation based at Cochin handling Architecture, Construction, Industrial Marketing, Real estate assistance, Engineering and Management Consultancy

For making your dream house a reality we can do following for you

1. Assistance in land purchase

We can arrange technical and legal evaluation of property with site visit by technical expert, verifying property documents by documentation experts and lawyers and also arranging property registration formalities with expertise and professional services. Land and House purchase loan can be arranged through M/s HDFC Limited

2. House design

In the present situation, where cost of all inputs used for House construction going up every day, cost control and obtaining maximum utility for money spent can be achieved only by house design by experienced expert building professional. With over 200 houses built directly by us in different parts of Kerala and many more buildings designed, we have expertise and experience which you may not find elsewhere

3. House Construction

In Kerala, people look for a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”. Each house will cost differently depending upon design; work involved material used, site conditions etc. and there cannot be a common “square feet cost of Construction”

Each contractor build as per his choice of materials, labour and most of them do not even know about Architecture or Structural Engineering. There can be common rates for construction only if all contractors follow same specifications, and Engineering standards which never happen. Unless you have an expert experienced building professional to provide technical drawings and construction is monitored on a daily basis you cannot ensure that a contractor looking for profit will do a quality work satisfying engineering standards

We offer professional quality work with latest technology and trends using expert workers closely monitored by Architects and Engineers

4. Vasthu Consultancy and Vasthu compliance for House Design

We follow Vasthu Sasthra while designing house for you thereby ensuring peace and prosperity during your stay in the house. We can also visit your house under construction and existing house to check on Vasthu aspects and to suggest suitable changes in building to ensure Vasthu compliance

5. After structure work and checking of work done

We can take up any work related to construction from beginning to end. Even in case where you already working with another contractor, we can visit site, check on work already done and advise on future works

It will be better to have our expert services for after structure works like Plumbing, Electrical, painting, flooring and Interior wood work even in cases where you have opted for a contractor for structural work

We can also act as Consultants giving detailed execution drawings and periodic site visits

6. Remodeling of existing house

In many cases your existing house can be remodeled and renovated with our guidance and involvement. We have done several such remodeling works in different parts of Kerala using our expert workers

7. Interior wood work and Furniture

We have fully equipped manufacturing facility at Cochin for taking up Interior wood work like Modular Kitchen, cupboards etc. All goodness of traditional Kerala Architecture including hand carving of wood can be done with modern technology inputs

8. Starting with House Design

House design starts preferably with a Site visit by our Architect to study site conditions and your needs for house. After Site visit, Basic Plan which is the most important design part of House Construction can be taken up. If you are far off from Cochin, you can forward plot dimensions of all four sides with directions indicated along with position of roads nearby to start working on Basic Plan.

Are you interested in walking with us to convert your dream house in to a reality with best technology inputs and lowest cost possible with better facilities?

Call me on 9388701702 or 9388701700 or reply me

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Rapid wall technology


im jacob and im representing everyone who wants to build a LOW COST house in kerala ..
can i use GYPSUM WALL instead of normal wall everywhere ?
is it cost effective ?
is it available in Kerala ?( fact is nearly at shutdown)
can i use it for a double storied house ?
do i need a crane for positioning the wall ?

My reply

Reducing cost of construction cannot be achieved if every person trying to build a house  start acting as if he is an expert in Architecture and House construction.To reduce cost of construction,there is no point in you trying to get bits of information about house construction from different sources and try to make decisions with bits of information

Only way to reduce cost of construction in present scenario where cost of construction goes up every day is to get expert experienced professional involvement from design to every stage of construction.You cannot all that knowledge and experience however hard you make enquiries about bits on house construction

A professional can assess your needs ,budgets site conditions and can offer you better design which can meet your needs within your financial constraints if any

In Kerala only FACT is doing Rapid wall construction technology by using Gypsum walls prefabricated in their factory as per Architectural drawings.Of course this method reduces structural construction cost.As walls are manufactured in factory these walls can be transported to construction site only by using heavy load trucks and cranes.So this method can be used only for large Villa projects or apartments and not for small houses

You can contact me on 9388701702 or 9388701700

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Building Materials


Hi sir, In our village some of contractor replacing 50% sand as a metal powder, is it ok ? It have any disadvantage?

My reply

There is nothing wrong in using Manufactured sand(M sand) if it is properly crushed to right size.Metal powder is not good for such use


Can I get an advice about Shingles roofing for my house, planning to do roofing on top of truss work frame.Is it advisable to do roofing with shingles sheet? What about ceramic tiles roofing?
Rejoy Thomas

My reply

Do not try to get bits of information on house design from different sources and act as Architect for your House.Your Architect/Building expert can decide on the matter after studying the case with a site visit and interaction with you.

You can have our services by contacting me at


Building rules


I am planning to construct a house in my 7 cent plot which is nearer to a small river. The distance from plot to river is only 1 meter. Is it really wise to build a home there ? can you advise me sir ?

My reply

Check with your local administration office with specific details on plot whether construction is allowed in your plot

Room and Joinery sizes


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Room sizes":
Very straight forward. Appreciate that.
Could you also likewise specify the joinery details like the standard sizes for main doors, internal doors, bath room doors e.t.c.,

My reply

It is for your Architect to decide what size and shape of joinery will suit your house.Do not try to get bits of information on house design from different sources and act as Architect for your House.You can have our services by contacting me at


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