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Dear Sir,

I have visited your website in which I have seen lot advise is being given to many. As I am starting to build a new house I have drawn a plan thru Habitat and given a contract to construct. After I have seen your website and read thru the Vasthu aspects I would like to have your advice on the plan I have which is attached for your review. I have made a change to this plan and asked to extend sit out surrounding the living room up to the C/Y. Awaiting your valuable advise and reply.


My reply

On quick checking of GF Plan,I have following suggestions:

1.Shift Kitchen to South East ,Agni Konam as per Vasthu

2.Avoid bends

3.Living room size insufficient

4.Stair fitting in to that space and providing height for entry to common toilet do not seem to be correct.It has to be checked



Dear sir,

I have gone through your website and the ideas provided seems to very interesting.I would like to know about the possibility of getting a plan according to my ineterest.I am hereby attaching an elevation of a house which i would like to proceed with ,can you please guide me to prepare a floor plan  based on the attachment.

It is highly appreciated that if you can forward me the requested plan and an estimate for executing the work immediately.


Abu Dhabi

My Reply

It is a common misunderstanding among people.They tend to like Elevation or external appearance of house seen in websites of builders or somewhere else.Then they want a plan of the house which will give an external appearance of house exactly same as what they have seen somewhere.

Most important part of designing and constructing a house is the plan of the building and not Elevation of the building.Plan of the building is prepared by a professional considering your requirements for the house,your budget , plot specifications,directions,surroundings like position of roads etc.

Elevation of the house depends on plan of the house and not the other way.For obtaining a good Elevation plan has to be prepared with that objective in mind by the designer.For the same plan,there can be different Elevation possibilities.Drawing an impressive looking Elevation is not .that difficult.But getting it done will  be a problem.Not all concrete workers will be able to do the Elevation work just by seeing the picture.Some of them may not be able to do difficult slope concreting.So the Elevation possible also depends upon capability of workers involved in that particular work.

Again there are two types of Elevation that can be done for a particular plan of the house.Most common type is the Desk Elevation prepared by some one who can do Auto CAD drawings with photo shop.Whatever common elevation ideas coming to the mind of the person drawing during those few hours will be used in that Elevation.

I prefer to develop Elevation during the progress of work dreaming and thinking at site.Almost all of my good Elevations are obtained like that.I discourage clients from going for an Elevation simply to satisfy his curiosity and give such an Elevation only when the client cannot understand my view point on Elevation of the house.I should admit that few clients were gracious enough to give me the freedom of developing a good Elevation as the work progresses and all of them were happy with the final result developed by me taking time to dream during the work in progress.This arrangement also help me to develop an Elevation which workers involved can do well




I have a 6c plot in size 20Mx12m front. Can a make 5BHK house in a low
budget of 15L.
Please give some guidelines


My reply

Five bed room house is required and cannot spend more than Rs.15 lakhs! Architect or builder do not have any magic wand.Cost of all inputs for house construction are going up and no one will loose money from his pocket to build you a house with all facilities you need at cost prefixed by you.If you have limited budget,your requirements will have to be cut down to meet the budget.No contractor is going to build your house suffering losses.He need profit at any cost.He will ask for extra charges or will compromise on quality of construction to keep his profit in tact.If that is not possible he will walk away from the work.

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