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My name is Ajeesh. I am from Trivandrum . Your construction blog is really helping me a lot as I am starting to build a house . I have some doubts regarding the materials used for construction. I am planning to use clay tile flooring in my house. Why is it advisable to only use clay tiles in bedroom and Living room?

Is the workers doing the acid wash and coating for clay tiles available readily everywhere? If I start using laying clay tiles and those who does acid wash and all are not available, I will be in deep sea.

Will it be costlier than using vitrified tiles considering the fact , it needs extra acid wash polyurethane coating than the vitrified tiles?

Another thing for which i wanted an answer is

Which material is better for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes considering all factors including the cost? I have heard that UPVC is best although MDF is the most widely used stuff. Is UPVC very costly than MDF?

Hope to get a reply from you.


My reply

Clay tile is environment friendly and hence will be more healthy for those who stay in the house.It is made of soil and it will be healthy and comfortable for you to walk on or even sleep on the floor.

Unfortunately due to restrictions imposed on soil use for manufacture of clay tiles,most of the clay tile manufacturers are closing operations.Acid wash is a normal cleaning process after laying of any flooring material except wooden.Applying polyurethane coating will.help prevent fungus formation on clay tile surface especially on exposed areas like roof top.There are tile protective paints like “Tile shield” which can also protect exposed surface of clay tiles.

Vitrified tiles,marble and granite are not healthy to move around and live with.They are also highly slippery and can cause injuries especially to old persons by possibility of falling down by slippage.Wooden flooring is very good.But costlier compared to clay tiles.But almost same cost as granite.In areas where water spillage is expected it is better to avoid wooden flooring as frequent wetting will damage wooden surface.

There are several non slippery floor tiles like “Naturoc” tiles  of NITCO which are equal in cost to vitrified tiles but better by appearance and non slippery.

MDF for modular kitchen or for any other type of cupboards are not recommended due to lesser life.Instead you can go for Marine Ply wood which will withstand moisture.Normally we use Marine plywood for cupboards and modular kitchen with front appearance shutters of wood(either teak or Mahogany) with hand carving and polishing.UPVC will last longer.



Dear Sir

We are planning of building a house in Trissur(chirakal - to be precise), within 2500 sq.ft - 3000 sq.ft. We would basically prefer a double story house, with 4 bedrooms.

We would be obliged , if you could provide the details, proceedings and fee pattern for the above . If it is not trouble for you, we would like to see few pictures of completed projects , similar to the 1 that we are planning to build.

If you could give us the price per sq.feet , it would be helpful.

Awaiting your reply


My reply

This is a typical mail I get almost every day

People want me to send “few plans” for house to be built by them and cost in “square feet”

When an apartment or villa builder quotes a square feet cost,he has all the data available to him about the construction,design,plot and environment around.All specifications,details are chosen by him.Even the plinth area indicated by the builder will not in any way meet the measurement which you may do after purchase.in spite of all these ,he takes huge profit and his square feet cost keep on rising as the project reaches finishing stage

In the case of a house to be built in your land,no one that matters(Architect or building contractor) do not have any data on the plot,surroundings,design and still you want him to predict a “square feet cost” even when you start thinking about construction.House construction involves hundreds of material ,availability and price of which keep changing every day in Kerala conditions.Even good skilled workers are difficult to get in Kerala.

Non professional contractors may quote a “square feet cost” to get the work from you.But he will revise rates or compromise with engineering stability and quality of construction to ensure profit for him.His only interest is in his profit and he may do “sweet talk’ if he is short of work to create confidence in you.

House for your plot,requirements and budget will have to be specifically designed for you preferably by the best qualified and well experienced professional Architect.A better design can get you lower cost of construction and better utility for every bit of your built up space in the house to come up.Only a good professional can visualise it well.

Any one who has studied Auto CAD can draw a plan.But plan prepared for your plot and house by any one will not be the same.I have designed thousands of houses and directly built more than 200 houses in Kerala State.But I still learn a lot on house construction with each new project.So the wealth of knowledge acquired by your Architect by experience can make a lot of difference to your house design and can save you lakhs of money.As a lay man you will be able to understand defects and deficiencies in design only after the house is completed.But at that stage,you will not be able to do anything to correct mistakes or deficiencies in design and work

Several people usually call me to check and suggest improvements and defects after completing structure work of the house and after spending many lakhs of money.But at that late stage no one can do anything to correct mistakes in design

If you believe in Vasthu,your plot require specific design suited to satisfy Vasthu factors related to your plot.Here again you cannot use design for house made for some body else at some other plot and location



Hi Thomas,
hope you ok.

My self , would like to get some advise from you to build a new house in Ranni (Pathanamthitta).

First of all we planning to build a 4 bedroom house (2 down & 2 upstairs) approximately 2500sq ft. (I have total 1.6acrs of land).I contact with one architecture and he visit the site and give us a plan as per Vasthu. but we didn't like that elevation.

If I will forward one Image (That our Dream House) for you can you give me a plan according to that? I know probably you need to see the site. But this is a long journey for you.

If you want the elevation plan (the one my architecture forward me) I can forward to u  , so that you can get a picture about the Vasthu.

Please give me a reply,


My reply

I think reply to earlier query more or less meet for this also

It is quite natural that you may like pictures of house in websites or advertisement matter of a builder and you may think of building a house like that

Your plot,your budget,Vasthu factors,your needs of house may not exactly meet with that house even though you may like external appearance of that house

Probably you can show that external appearance to your Architect so that he may try to provide you attractive features in your house design

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