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Hello Sir,

I came to know your contact through website.

I planning to build a house in Ernakulum. And I am trying for different options of wood for windows and doors.

Since teak wood is very expensive, I have to go with some other options like cheru teak(pincoda), irul, Burma teak.

Can you please provide me some suggestion?


My reply

There is no point in trying to get bits of information on house construction.Keralites in general think that they know quite a lot on house construction and all that they need is some one to draw plan as suggested by the house owner and then a contractor to build .Architects and Engineers are supposed to be for large projects only and they can only increase cost of constructing a house.This is a great mistaken notion

A professional can give you better design for the house which will increase utility of every bit of house to be built and also you will get better facilities at lesser cost.Amount you may pay as fees to the professional will be negligible when compared to cost saving and better facilities in the house.

When house construction is turning out to be a costly affair due to increase in cost of all inputs,you can no longer afford to have plan of house by any one and construction using your bits of information and that of practically illiterate contractor who will talk nicely and try to increase his profit even at cost of structural stability of your house.

It is for your professional consultant to guide you on type of wood to be used and also how to save wood requirement for the house without affecting your needs for light and ventilation inside house.



Dear Thomas sir,

I am planning to build a double story house in Kottayam in 18 cents land.My concern is whether it required pillar for each corners of the house since am using burned bricks.Land soil is also solid. Please advice me.


My Reply

Reply given above is applicable in this case also.It is for the structural consultant to decide on what type of structural work will be required to suit plan of your house and soil conditions.

In normal stable soil conditions for a two story house,ordinary rubble foundation will be sufficient.Here again,without studying data related to your site and plan of the house,I cannot give a proper answer and please do not try to be Architect/Engineer for your house.Allow professionals to guide you properly on house construction



Sajit has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":

Why does not the building rule disallow the main stairway as a fire escape stairway. I have seen a parallel staircase built along the main stairway as a fire escape stairway. The intent of this is questionable.

My reply

A  stair case going up inside the building can never be a fire escape as during fire you need to get fast to outer periphery of the building for escape to outside building.



Hi Thomas,
I read your post in the web and impressed with that.i am designing a home,and if you can give some inputs on my below query,would be very valuable.
I am on a contemporary design,and the dining , living area is open in can i have privacy between these two spaces.what are the design aspects can be considered to make a separation between these spaces?


My reply

I have commented on this  general trend of owner of the house himself trying to be designer and builder of house while replying earlier queries.

A professional well versed in design and construction of building has acquired knowledge through years of study and experience in doing the work.You cannot hope to have these without training and experience.Why do you want to risk trying to do design yourself when the stake is lakhs of rupees possibly earned by your work in the whole or major portion of life? Have professional guidance.

In any case I cannot teach you design aspects by a reply to this query



Dear Thomas sir

I would like to build  a single story 3 bed room budget  house within 1000 s ft.

Let me know the ideal size for a bed room,living room,kitchen,one common bathroom,small work area,compact sit out,and a mini porch which i can afford within  1000 sq. feet


My reply

Due to general belief that plinth area alone matters in cost,people tend to fix plinth area of house first and ask for all facilities they need in the house within that square feet plinth area.

If you have budget limitations your requirements will have to be reduced.In any case without preparing a plan of the house to meet your needs for the house,we cannot think of cutting down area and such cutting area has restrictions if you need certain rooms and facilities at any cost.My earlier comments on leaving such design aspects to a professional is valid here also

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