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Construction queries and replies



Dear Mr.Thomas,
II have a 5.5 cents plot of land near Mangalore. For the past couple of years, it has become an obsession to build a small traditional type house  of 1100 to 1200 sq.ft on a small budget - 8 to 10 lakhs at the most - using durable but cheaper building material.. Red oxide or Kadappa flooring instead of granite , use of lime mixture instead of concrete etc. I  accidentally came across your blog when I was doing research on the net to realise my dream. Could you advise me if it is possible to build such a house within the budget I have mentioned?

Thanking you in advance,
Best regards,

My reply

Many people have this thinking that by changing flooring material cost of construction can be reduced.Most important cost reduction can be achieved only if you can get most appropriate plan of the house meeting your requirements,budget,avoiding wastage of space and with proper engineering and professional guidance from beginning to end of construction at every stage.

Yesterday I went to visit a house under construction at Thiruvalla.Plan of the house is simply hopeless with wastage of space, improper planning and everything done in a hopeless manner.Plumbing and Electrical work are done by some one who do not know anything about latest technology in these areas ..No professional guidance and every bit of work is done in a manner resulting in colossal waste of money producing inconveniences improper quality and much more.No body can do anything to improve that house construction which might have spent more than a crore.Owner of the house has called me to suggest improvements at this final stage.I said I am helpless to do anything or suggest anything at this stage .

All these simply because owner of house did not bother to get a qualified experienced person to get most appropriate plan of the house and professional guidance during construction.A contractor who have taken up the work on square feet basis has done the work with a simple objective of making profit.No proper structural or architectural design,No plumbing ,electrical expertise used.Finally entire money on construction is simply wasted resulting in a house about which man who spent money can only cry for ever.

If you ask him probably he would not have paid anything to an Architect or Engineer.Square feet cost  contractor would have given that attractive offer of free plan and no professional charges.By saving those pennies he lost pounds in plenty.

Unless I know what exactly you need in the house,prepare the plan of the house there is no way to predict cost of house.If you have only Rs.8 lakhs with you let your Architect decide what you can get with that Rs.8 lakhs.If your requirements for the house cannot be met by spending Rs.8 lakhs ,you should be willing to arrange house loan.Postponing construction due to lack of funds now will only lead you to a situation where construction simply will not be possible due to continuous price rise.



My queries are on Minimalistic Designs.

I am staying in Bangalore, and here i had a chance to visit some of the apartments. I saw the usage of Glass walls, Ceramic fritted glass splashes and glass shower enclosure
Are these available in Kerala?
What is the estimated cost?

I liked it as it makes the room modern and spacious.Especially when it replaces the walls around kitchen, dining room and main hall with glass fitted partitions.

near Kannur i am constructing a new house.

I have found a design from internet and modified a bit. It does not have the details but would like achieve something like that
I am attaching it.
For the partitions i am looking forward for glass walls or stuffs like that.
Please send me an update about the design.
I have a land about 14 cent.


My reply

As a professional with experience in the field I cannot recommend or support your piece meal attitude like taking plan from a website,modifying it by yourself and enquiring about interior part House construction is not that simple can give proper guidance and suggestions only if I can visit site and study the matter in detail

I can give detailed report after visit

It will be difficult for me to advise you without studying the case in detail

Partition walls can be done with material other than brick or similar material.Again this has to be decided by the Architect to suit the work after considering every related aspects.Hence I cannot comment on suitability of different type of materials for partition walls in your case



Hi Mr.Thomas,

My name is Robin and I am planning to build a house/few apartments.. The Plot is 20 cents in Kattappana.Within 2 KM. May I know whether I can build 6 apartments in 3 floors in that plot..Otherwise I may have to think about building a house ..

Pl let me know..Robin Thomas

My reply

See,I cannot give a proper answer just by reading few lines sent by you.I have to visit site,study site conditions and about your budget limitations if any.Then only a reply  can be given

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