Saturday, May 21, 2011

Queries and reply-House design,construction

Small house for vacation


I have been surfing the net and found your blog. I read all questions and your answers and I understand that you do your work with sincerity and perfection and  that is the reason I am writing this mail to you. I have a plot in Kalady which is 2000 sq.ft in area. Also there is a dilapidated old tiled house. I do not want any big construction to be laid in the land as I am planning to use the space for growing plants(herbal medicines and vegetables). I want to live in a house, even it is going to be a hut, but in a calm, green and healthy environment without much luxury and advancements in terms of technology. I need a plan whereby I want only two rooms apart  from bath and toilet. The two rooms are just a big hall and a kitchen. The big hall should function as living room and bed room. To avoid outside people I will also go for a sit-out in the front portion. The house should be a typical Kerala type tiled house though very small. It would be great if it is planned esthetically having in mind the olden days. It should give  the feeling of a home rather than a house. I am planning to bring big social activities living there and hence it is a dream-project for me. Hope you would understand my intention well. The most important feature I am looking forward to is construction of a perfect pyramid for meditation and concentration purpose. Please let me know whether we can proceed with this project. If you reply this as a possible task, I shall send you the plot details.

Best Regards,
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My reply

Your dreams are good.A site visit is required first to study site conditions and to think how best your dreams can be converted into a plan of the house.From there we will move on step by step to reach your dream house

Interlock bricks for  house construction


I'm Ajith from Trivandrum. I went through your websites, seems appeal to me, I'm planning to build a home in near future, what's your opinion about homes built using interlock bricks?is it a good option? Expecting a reply from your side.

My reply

In my opinion interlock bricks are more suited for compound wall.In Kerala climate with continuous rains for more than 8 months it is better to plaster at least outer walls.

To reduce cost you can use solid concrete blocks instead of  brick

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