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Queries and replies -House construction



Dear Mr Thomas,
I am Col.Ganapathy retired from the Indian Army and recently got a old house in a village called Aylur next to Nemmara. I got the roof done and this is my second year and it has developed two cracks. Can you suggest the best method by which I can seal this leakage. This is a independent house, not attached with any village houses.
Thanking you

My reply

Concreted roof developing crack after two year  can only be due to improper reinforcement work and improper laying of  reinforcement and concrete.Nothing much can be done to improve structural stability of concrete roof at this stage.As a temporary solution,injecting of chemicals to seal gap can be tried.Check whether agencies doing similar work available near your place

To comment on exact nature of the problem,I will have to visit site.What I have written above is based on my assumptions on problem faced by you and it cannot be a proper professional reply to your problem



  I will introduce myself and my dreams. I am a computer hardware and software business man in UAE, having very nominal profits. I believe the concept of Nalukettu and the landscape will always provide positive energy. Because of that reason I finalized with this concept.

I am staying in a village known as Karikodu around 30 km away from Ernakulum town and I have 1.5 acre property lying in 4 cuts.  From the main road, one panchayath road towards down. If we come through that my plot is on our right side along with the panchayath road. This road is from north to south. I am planning to built my home facing towards the road (east) and it should be little far away from the road.

There is a local designer done the site visit and made a plan according to that. But its much expensive and not come up to my  views.

I like one economic plan similar to below mentioned which I am sending just  for your reference.

Checkout below mentioned plan, which I created with my ideas. According to this plan there is 2 car Porch. And in the upstairs I need 2 bedroom and balcony on top of the side car porch. 


My reply

Your local person may not be quite qualified and experienced.Preparing best plan of the house is the most critical part of house building

Builders prepare plan of the house mainly considering profitability and such a plan also may not be suitable or the best possible for you

In the plan sent by you there is a bed room at South East.As per Vasthu it is not good.Stair case is provided with old fashioned arrangement of U shape which creates wastage of space and it also avoid stair case becoming a show piece in the house.Positioning of stair inside also will cause darkness in the area, As per Vasthu there cannot be toilet at south West.Considering all these a revised plan is required for you.



I am a NRI, working in Saudi Arabia.

Currently I am constructing a 2500 Square Feet, two storied residential house at Changanacherry Town near Railway Station. I had given a contract to construct the structure only, and the work is progressing well and is expected to be completed by the 1st week of March 2011.

I am looking for a professional (architect/designer) who can assist me to accomplish the remaining work which are listed below.

How can you help me? are you interested? please let me know by return email as soon as possible explaining clearly your terms and conditions.

Shaji Rawother

Saudi Arabia

My reply

I can act as consultant for the works indicated by you and also provide our workmen if you require our direct involvement for the work

It will be good if I can visit the site and assess work already done and suggest improvements/modifications possible at this stage.
I will guide you on work to be done and will give you options based on latest trends and technology at minimum cost

House renovation in Kerala for US based NRI


Hi Mr.Thomas, accidentally saw your website and was impressed. I  have a question for you. I have a house in Mavelikara that belonged to my father and the house is  in good condition. However there is some work needed on the house. We are settled in U.S. and do not have reliable relatives in Kerala to guide us. So your website seemed like a Godsend. If we proceed with you are you able to see and estimate the amount of work and budget needed to upgrade the house. This house sits on a very small plot and my only goal is to make it livable for vacations without much upkeep. Do you have regional subcontractors or branches that can help you complete the work  in Mavelikara? Hoping for a reply,


My reply

I cater to mostly NRIs who have practically no one to take care of their building related affairs and I keep them posted with info and pictures through blogs specifically created for a particular client and site

I will have to visit your house at Mavelikkara, take measurements,study in detail.Then I will advise you how we can go about it.I can send workers and experts from Cochin if required for doing the work

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