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Queries and reply-House Design and Construction



I’m looking for a four bedroom (2+2 up&down) home plans & elevations:
-          All b/rooms are with attached bathroom+dressing area.
-          Kitchen + W/A
-          Family living with Dining area
-          Between 2200 to 2500 Sq.ft
-          Budget Rs. 30 to 35 lakh.
-          Location: at Tirur – Malappuram dist.
I would appreciate if you could send me a reply immediately in detail, since I’m planning to start the works from April/May 2011. 
Shameer Babu

My reply

House design and construction require professional assistance and guidance.Plan will have to be designed specifically suiting your plot,requirements and Vasthu factors related to your plot.Just any House plan and Elevation will not suit your requirements and plot dimensions and other parameters peculiar to your plot



Dear Mr. Thomas,
Myself, Lal, accidently come to your website. Can you please tell me about your office location and address in Kollam if available. Dou you construct home in Kollam district for 15 lakhs budget home?

My reply

We do not have office at Kollam.In fact such an office is not required as our Cochin office can handle work at Kollam
We can do design of house and if you can get local contractor we can give complete details and monitoring of work.At present cost level you can probably construct a two bed room house with Rs.15 lakhs



Dear Thomas,

My name is Jose Rathappillil, residing in Florida, US. I am thinking of building a home in my ancestral property, which is located at Kalloorkad, Kerala. The kind of house I have in mind is a two storied, traditional with modern amenities, with 8-10 bed rooms & about 5-6000 sft. This house will be situated at the north - eastern corner of a 5 acre property. The home site will have about .75 acres & facing north. This site has road frontage on its northern & eastern sides.

I will be visiting Kerala in early May & would like to meet you & discuss about this project. If you are interested please let me know. I am also attaching a picture of a house which I have found in the news paper. I very much like the design of this house.

My reply

Trying to build a house similar to picture of house you have seen in a website is fine.But what if you can bet a still better design and better house?

Your requirements,budget and plot conditions need not necessarily match with the picture of house you have seen.Even Vasthu factors will change from place to place

Hence it is always better to design your house from beginning after a site visit by me



Dear Mr. Thomas,
I am constructing a house in Kannur Dt.  The drawings are attached.  Plot 1 is our land in the sketch.  Your kind advise on the plan will be highly appreciated.
Saleem P K

My reply

On a quick check,I can make following comments
1.Car porch at South East is not good as per Vasthu
2.Bed room at North east not good
3.Stair case are light is covered with that outside toilet
4.One bed room alone at Ground Floor is not good.Keep the bed room at south west side
5.Spiral stair case and court yard will add to cost
6.Court yard open only to Sit out portion.It should be visible to living and Dining
7.Toilet near bed too small with 150 cm width
8.Ladies room is too narrow.Make it bigger convert to Family Living area
9.With that large sit out you do not have to waste space in front of drawing room.Merge it with living
10.With modern modular Kitchen you do not need Store.Add it to Kitchen
11.Bed room size too small for such a house
12.Dining room is far away from Kitchen.It will create difficulty
Over all I think the plan is highly improper and will lead to wastage of your money if house constructed like this.

I can give you a revised plan which will reduce cost and increase utility



Dear Thomas,
Please see the attached drawing and the plot details.
I want to keep the house under 3000Sqft , so there is no car porch ,
The porch is planned to be built later beside the house.
Also, I had wanted all rooms to have good sunlight and air flow.
Do you think, the plan is a good one or require changes ?
Aji Kumar

My reply

Plan require not simply few changes but total revision
Even though drawing quality is good professional design and Vasthu compliance are missing.For a three bed room house,you do not require 3000 sft.By properly redesigning the plan,you can get better design with lesser cost of construction



As i emailed u before we  need a 2000 sq feet house , includes  car porch , veranda , lounge, dining area , prayer room (small), modern kitchen, working kitchen, store room, veranda out side kitchen , 4 attached bed rooms -2 in each floor

Upstairs 2 bed  room , a family space, balcony  , could u please tell me how much is the cost if u will design and build a house for us, waiting for your reply


My reply

All that requirement cannot be made within 2000 sft plinth area.You will have to go for at least 2500 sft
Cost can be worked out only after preparation of plan of the house
Where do you intend to construct house?
First step in construction of house  is preparation of Basic Plan of the house
Site visit  before preparing plan will be better though plan can be prepared if you can give complete measurements of all four sides of plot, directions of each side and positions of roads near plot.
If you are interested, I can give you charges for site visit and Basic Plan preparation fees

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