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House Design and Construction


Respected Sir,

I am planning to build a house in  a plot near Thiruvananthapuram.The plot is west facing and at the south west corner,the plot is leveled with soil (Around 4 feet height was filled with soil) before more than 10 months by myself.Now my concerns are given below.The original land was dry and hard.I am planning for a two storied house of around 2000 Sq.Ft

1. How deep should I dig for foundation especially at the south west portion which is leveled?

2. Do i need to put concrete at the base and then use rubble over that for foundation construction?

3.Do i need to perform belt Concreting on top of the rubble foundation?Kindly advice


My reply

As you know very well, house construction is one of the major  investments in your life. There is no point in trying to get bits of information from various sources and trying to act as Architect and Structural Consultant for the house. Get professional assistance in design and construction of house from beginning to end


I am constructing a house with Nadumuttam.  we wish to allow to come all  rain water in to courtyard. Now we are planning to put iron rode for the courtyard roofing.

I want your valuable suggestions regarding courtyard roofing. Which materials are good for roofing and from where it can i bought.

Expecting a positive reply from you

My reply

House construction require services of an experienced Architect/Professional Engineer not only for preparation of plan of the house.But also during construction from beginning to end to give professional advice on every aspect of construction.I will have to visit site and consider all aspects to suggest a solution to your problem

I can also check up on all other aspects of construction including Vasthu compliance and suggest you on works pending to be done on the building.


I am planning to build a 1400 sft single floor 3 bedroom/kitchen/Hall house. I have got a  plan too. I would like to request you  if you can provide some suggestions in the following areas it will be very helpful to me. I have attached my plan here.
1.  How to reduce the coast ? (I have got a home loan of 10 Lakh, and i have 3 lakh in hand )
2.  Will it be profitable if we go for LED lighting?

My reply

LED lighting is not something to be thought of before construction of house. Now a days people use either CFL or LED lighting to reduce cost of power.

Just anyone who knows how to draw a plan in AutoCAD cannot give you this best possible plan of the house which is the most critical factor to give you a better house by design and at lesser cost. Expertise for designing such a plan will not come by attending an engineering /architectural course. It require wealth of experience acquired through years of designing and getting involved in actual execution of work at different sites in different conditions. It also require creative talent and common sense which can get ignited only by learning by working with established experts in the field.

Basic Plan for the house will be prepared after site visit, taking into account following:

1. Information provided by you on your needs, desires and hopes for the house.

2. Vasthu aspects

3. Traditional Kerala Architecture features

4. Modern architecture features

5. Structural engineering aspects to reduce cost of construction

6. Kerala Building Rules

7. Features of site and surroundings


I read your post in Kerala Architecture website, and writing to you as mentioned in that..Can you advise me on the nominal rates architects  charge in Kerala?

I am thinking of a house with 3-4 Bed rooms and around 1500 sft area.


My reply

Each Architect is different from another by qualifications and more importantly exposure to house design and construction. Creative talent of each person also differs. You have to find out better qualified better experienced better talented Architect for the only house which you may build. Naturally there cannot be any standard rates for professional services as each person differs from other. Even contractors differ a lot from person to person. Hence I think  so called "rates" quoted by different contractors cannot be compared


I am a resident of Mulanthuruthy.I  have a land of approx. 25 cents which is inherited from my father. I wish to construct a house for me there.Sir, I wish to know what type of services you are doing?Basically I am looking for a labour contract(which may require supervision also).From Design till completion of work with the help of an engineer to supervise the construction.This is what in my mind. Materials for the house construction, I wish to choose my self.

Can you please let me know further details towards my above request.


My reply

Trouble with people trying to construct a house in Kerala is that they think they know everything about house design and construction and also think that they can enquire and find out everything they do not know about it.Local contractors and almost every one he come across advise him not to go to professional Architects/Engineers as paying them for such “silly matters” as plan for the house and anything else.All that they need is a labour contractor and nothing else

By getting professional guidance right from preparation of plan of the house, you not only save money but get better facilities at lesser cost.By availing continuous guidance and drawings during construction,you can ensure quality construction as your labour contractor will only try to reduce labour charges even at cost of quality of construction.

How do you know about right material to be used for construction? Do you have the expertise for it and exposure to fast changing technology?Here again you require professional guidance and not just information you can get by talking to any body else.



I am Martin from Kottayam. i would like to do extension for my house. i want to make 2 bathroom and 1 car porch to my house. Can you please tell me how much does it cost?

My reply

Cost of construction or extension of a building cannot be estimated that simple.A Professional well versed with construction will have to visit existing building and assess work involved by taking measurements.After careful assessment of the situation,he will be able to give his recommendations including estimated costing. Indian conditions where the rupee is running down fast and cost increases happen almost every day,any estimate given by any one cannot be correct for a type of work which may take an year or more to complete.

Extension/remodeling work cannot be estimated correctly as most of the buildings in Kerala are constructed by contractors with absolutely no professional knowledge and with intention to make profit some how or other.In a way such persons who think constructing a house or extension can be done within a predetermined figure of cost in spite of all round price increases force contractors to do adjustments to save his profitability.In a situation where house construction clients try to over smart contractors and contractors in turn try to over smart clients,construction quality naturally will have to suffer.


I am residing abroad . My family is there and nobody is to take care of except me. Unfortunately we don't have any deep knowledge about architect and that is why asking suggestions. Hopes you may consider it positively

Please suggest me the flooring tiles(vitrified) extra hardened and durable for my house which is an old one. It is already having mosaic pavements(not tiles) is in worst condition. So i wish to lay vitrified and having confusion still  is that which product is better and useful to me is better  in the range of  Rs 60-65 per sft. Please mention particular product is better  and fulfill my budget.

My reply

If you want,I can visit the house to be renovated and suggest modifications and type of tile to be used.Without visiting site it will not be good to give suggestions

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