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Construction Material


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I was going through your site and found it as very helpful and interesting.

I wish to use sheet for roofing.Which is the better material to use for roofing. What are the things to notice when using sheets. Thank you very much for your time.


My reply

There is no point in seeking bits of information on different aspects of house construction from different sources and trying to take decisions on construction features and details yourself.It will be like trying to decide on medicines for your sickness by yourself

House construction is indeed a complex affair.Leave the decisions to experts.That will get you better features and will reduce cost of construction

Real Estate Assistance


Dear sir

I am based out of Kerala.

I am interested in getting my properties sold as quickly as possible.

could you please advise me how you can help me in finding a proper customer and realise reasonable


My reply

Real estate scenario is a bit dull these days with lots of sellers and hardly any buyers.Real estate agents nearer to the locations of the plots may be able to help better

House Design


Hello Thomas,
I happened to see your webpage I would like to appreciate the effort you are making in helping people in the area of house construction. All your replies have correct points and it helps people like me a lot. It reflects your inner quality and attitude towards the life. Simply awesome!
I am constructing a home at Trivandrum and have already entered into a building contract with a construction company. They are in the process of getting the plan sanctioned by corporation. What I need is a good Elevation plan for my home. My house plot is not a square plot and that makes be difficult to choose a plan. I read your reply where you have said, you should not copy an elevation from another home and try to fit into your house plot. I understand that clearly. I am attaching the location sketch of my plot I purchased. Please let me know if you will be able to help me in making a good elevation for my house. We have designed a home plan that I am attaching with this mail. I would like to hear your comments.
The plan I have attached is the final plan for me. It would be great if you have any advice.

My reply

Elevation for your house depends upon two important factors

1.Plan of the house.If you have to get a good Elevation,while designing plan this factor will have to be considered.Elevation is actually a projection of plan in the height direction.You cannot get a good Elevation with any plan

2.It also depends on what type of work concrete workers doing the work can do.If I simply draw something and if they do not know how to do it,what is the use?

Plan you have sent is definitely not the best you can use for your plot.As per Vasthu,east facing house should have car porch and gate at Northern half of front side.Here it comes at southern part.East facing house  can have Kitchen at North West.Here you are putting Kitchen at Front side and there are so many other defects in plan.We can do a totally different plan which will also give you better Elevation.


Dear Sir,

Please send me the pictures of houses you constructed already, so that I can opt some choices from that.

Let me know the budget range for the same too


My reply

A Plan of the house to be constructed has to be made to suit your plot dimensions,surroundings,Vasthu considerations specifically related to your plot,your requirements and budget limitations if any

Looking at pictures of houses we designed and built for somebody else is not going to help you in any way.Design of house starts with Plan of the house and definitely not from Elevation of house

I need outer dimensions of your plot in meters(all four sides) position of roads nearby,direction to which proposed house will face to start working on plan of the house.Only after Plan is finalised and soil conditions of plot is ascertained we can start working on expected cost of construction using Engineering Estimate methods.Going by guess cost is not going to help you in any manner

Construction Cost


Dear Thomas,

My name is Samuel, I am always reading your blog in internet and I would like to ask you a query regarding house construction before I proceed with the same at Trivandrum.

total of 1681 sq.ft. plinth area. Double Story building. As I am in Gulf now I don’t know the exact rate per Sq.ft in Kerala.

Can you please advise me how much the current approximate cost per sq.ft in this area.

Your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.

My reply

After reading my blog writing continuously you are asking me for square feet cost construction! I think I should stop writing in that case

Can any one tell cost of one single material after one and a half years? No.If so how can any one exactly predict cost of constructing a house which may get completed after one and a half years which involve hundreds of materials and different type of labour?

Cost of construction depends on at least following aspects

1.Design of the house: Different designs call for different quantities of material and labour.So Design can increase or decrease design.An experienced expert can help you by giving a cost effective design while giving better facilities in the house and minimum or no wastage of space

2.Location of the house:Construction materials cost less at some locations and high at other locations.For example almost all construction materials are comparatively cheaper at Cochin in Kerala.Some materials are cheaper in some other locations.

3.Soil nature:If you have a stable original land,your construction cost will go down as you may not have to go for costly designs for foundation

4.Controlling wastages while buying materials and proper planning of labour:For this you need assistance and guidance of an expert.People generally tend to buy construction materials without seeking help of an expert and it results in wastages and cost increase due to lack of material purchase planning.Improper labour planning may result in re work and dismantling during construction which will push cost upwards

Square feet cost is a term generally used by non professional contractors to get work from you.None of these contractors have completed construction within that promised rate.Builders quote very high square feet cost which has nothing to do with actual cost protecting their profit margins in spite of any input cost increase that may happen during project execution

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