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Kerala House design and Construction-Your queries and my reply


Anonymous has left a comment on my blog entry Building Permit seeking to know clearance required to be left while building compound wall facing Panchayath Road.

Leaving such comments in blogs will not get you a reply.Any one can write to my email id seeking replies for any matter related to design and construction of buildings.I will reply back.Write to this email id

My reply

Before building compound wall for your property facing a public road,you have to apply in writing to the local authority and obtain their sanction.The local authority will specify clearance to be left from road  while constructing compound wall facing public road.



Dear sir,

I am looking for a plot in Palakkad. We are currently in Bangalore and we are trying to buy a land and built a house, preferably located within 5kms from Palakkad town.Our budget is maximum 25 lakhs and with a plot size of minimum 5 cents. We would not be able to be there during house construction. Would you be able to help us on this regard.


My reply

It will not be possible for us to locate land for you at Palghat as we are based at Cochin.But if you locate a plot,we can do legal , technical,Vasthu evaluation of the plot and also assist you in documentation process of registration of plot.

Thereafter we can design your house and build it also at Palghat with professional care and guidance.



Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "Replies to your queries#Architecture":

I am an NRI Mechanical Engineer like to build a 2500-2800 sq. ft. house in Cochin and on the look out for 8 cents of land (which is my budget) and identified few plots.
Appreciate if you could let me know the best possible size of plot in 8 cents to have a good architect designed house
I understand that the house can be designed to suite the plot but prefer to buy a plot where in design can be flexible.

My reply

Especially in a place like Cochin you may not get a plot of sizes of your choice.Apart from dimensions of all four sides of plot,land level,Vasthu considerations and  positions of road nearby also matters.So you have no other choice other than designing your villa suited to your plot.For our services contact me on email



Anonymous  has left a new comment on your post "Answers to your queries #Architecture": 
I would like to build a Home around 2000-2200 Sq. ft. in Trivandrum in 5 cents, Would you please recommend me a Builder & Designer and what would be the cost per Sq. Ft ? need your assistance.

My reply

Here again I could not reply to this person directly as he has not given his email id.I have about 35 blogs.Opening each of these and replying in time to such comments posted in that blog itself is not practically possible.Hence all enquiries/comments/requests for advice has to be sent to my email id

I cannot suggest or recommend any builder/contractor or designer in any area.All I can do is do what I can do.In your case,I can visit your site in Trivandrum,study site conditions,your requirements and then design your house.Obtaining a proper most suited professional design is the most important and critical part of building a house.Once you have the best Basic Plan for your house from  a qualified experienced Architect with lots of exposure in designing and building houses,you will save lakhs of rupees and the available space in your plot will be utilised in the best possible manner.

Some people insist on having large size rooms without any relation to its utility aspect.Rooms will have to be larger only to the extent required.More than the physical size of rooms,how doors,windows and space is  utilised by the Architect is more important.

As a lay man you will never know what size of rooms will be better.Most of the people have ego problems while dealing with a designer of the house.They think and talk as if what they think is the right dimensions or right requirements for the house! Even before developing your requirements for the house you need to have professional guidance.Talk with your Architect openly and frankly.Allow him to guide you properly rather than thinking that whatever you think or understand is  only right.

After the design is finalised we can either build your house directly in Trivandrum or act as consultants if you can get good contractors willing to work as per our design and  instructions.

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