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Kerala House Construction-Answers to your queries


Dear Sir,

My house is an old house( one part is more than 80 years and other part is around 45 years). Some rooms are very small, dark and not useful. I don't think it is made by planning. Now my father is planning to renovate it. I want my house to be with the same old structure but inside should be modified with rooms and other facilities. I want to know whether that is possible or not.If possible how much it will cost.

Ancy Varghese


My reply

Unless structural stability of the building is checked by a professional,it cannot be ascertained whether the building is worth renovating.Normally modification/remodeling work on an existing building will cost more than building a new house as work involved cannot be properly quantified or estimated.

House construction is an Engineering work involving hundreds of materials and different types of labour with almost daily increase in their cost.So no one can exactly predict cost of construction which may get completed within one or more year from commencement of work.Even the Engineering Estimate prepared by an Engineer after carefully calculating work involved for each item of work can also give only an approximate indication  of cost.

All these talk of some fixed “square feet cost” is simply a lie used by non professional contractors to lure ignorant client.After the work starts client can not do anything else other than pay the contractor never ending extras demanded by him.With ever increasing input costs,contractor also cannot do anything else.

Better get the work done with qualified  experienced professional guidance so that you will not be taken for a ride by the contractor whose only objective is maximising his profit even compromising structural stability of the building.

Constructing Building on land described as Nilam


Hi Sir,

We are planning to construct a house in Trivandrum in the property which we inherited. The problem is that it was a paddy field before 30-40 years and is remained as barren land since i know. In the documents it is written as 'Nilam' . Is it possible to construct a house in this land. If so, what should we do first and whom should be contacted.

please give me advice in this area, as we don't know anything detailed in this aspect.


My reply

First of all  check up with concerned building Inspector  for your land area( described by  Survey No)with Corporation of Trivandrum or concerned local authority as the case may be by showing the copy of Deed whether there will be any objection for obtaining permit for Building Construction

If there is objection,you can apply to a concerned committee comprising of Agricultural officer,Tahsildar etc. for waiving objection on account of land being described as paddy field.The committee will visit plot and after ascertaining the present status of land,will give you sanction to build house..

Trying for Cost reduction while building house


Dear Mr. Thomas,
I am Benny Joseph working in Saudi Arabia. Just now I started to make a home for me. The area is 2350 SFT.As soon as started work everybody says it will cost me around 4,000,000.My budget is for 2000000 only. I planned for a two story building with 4 bed room,living,family living,kitchen and work area. In the first floor we planned for two bed room and one living room plus one balcony.Altogether it will be 950 sft only.I already decided to put concrete windows and door frames except front and back doors to save money. If I do just stress roof on first floor without concreting will it help to reduce construction cost.
Do you services available in Northern Kerala.I am from Kannur.I am planning to come for a three months vacation in August. Can you do the construction if that case what will be your terms. Basement is already made.
Waiting an early reply.

With warm regards,

My reply

See,this is the problem.While building a house you should not listen to “everybody” They will put you in to real trouble.They have nothing to loose in giving “advices”

What you need is qualified experienced professional advice.Even for reducing construction cost your Architect can give a cost effective design and advise you on how to get best value for your limited funds while building house

Our services are available for any one anywhere in the world.For locations where it is practically impossible for us to take up construction directly,we can act as designers and consultants during progress of work guiding you and your workers to get maximum value for your money

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