Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queries on wild life resort in Kerala,house construction


Dear Mr Thomas,

My name is Nada Bouchta and I am currently a student in Les Roches, international school of hotel management, located in Bluche (Switzerland).

For our diploma, we have to realize a project on a wildlife resort and our group choose the location of Kerala in India. Therefore we need many information on costs wages and general policies. I found one of your posts on internet about architecture in Kerala. Would you help us on defining more or less the building cost if I provide you with all the material and facilities used?

Thank you for your understanding and time,
Best regards,


My reply

Do you think a visit to Kerala is necessary for undertaking such a project? If  you are planning a visit I can assist and guide you

You can send your queries by email or you can chat with me at Facebook by adding me in your Facebook account.Here is the link:!/profile.php?id=531348963&sk=photos


Hi Thomas,
Thank you so much for your offer to visit our site and we are excited to work with you. . We have the plan to build a house having around 2500 sq. ft in area. Can you give us a rough idea of your final plan preparation fee and also elevations both two dimensional and three dimensional. How much a detailed architectural drawing will cost.I would like to have an idea of these costs because all these expenses will add with our budget.

with regards
Sojan Alex

My reply

First of all you have to understand that involvement of a qualified and experienced professional in your house building project will give you at least following benefits in addition to many more advantages.
1.A design which is appropriate for your site and requirements without wasting even a bit of built up space
2.Maximum utilisation of space
3.Vasthu compliance
4.Cost reduction due to use of structural engineering inputs
5.Traditional Kerala architecture features  combined with modern architecture features
6.Better appearance
7.Cost reduction due to continuous  professional guidance and involvement
8.Use of modern technology,trends and  materials.
All these and more will actually reduce your cost and will give you added value for your building and fees payable for professional involvement are never additional burden for you

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