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Queries and reply-House construction


sir,l am planning for new home. I would like to know which is the best way to give contract ,i.e. full/labour contract.l can spare three days in a week for look after the construction work. Further i would like to know what are the hidden cost , loopholes,precautions in giving the contract. Whether i will be in loss while comparing with normal construction cost.kindly guide me.

Chinthu Jyothis

My reply

You are likely to build only one house in your life time.It is for your use and for at least for next generation.
Building a house simply depending  on a mason by giving labour contract/material labour contract  is going to create problems for you
Have a professional Architect/Engineer to design your house and provide you with complete detailed drawings required during construction.Also get continuous site monitoring and instructions to workers from a professional.

Having such a professional service will actually reduce your cost of construction.It will also get you a better house by design and construction in every aspect
Get rates for construction from the mason to do construction as per drawings and instructions of the professional.Involvement of such a professional will prevent mason misguiding you on almost every aspect of construction and giving you inferior quality construction.Because reducing labour/material content for each item of work will be his first priority sacrificing quality of construction to increase his profit even though he may talk to you that he will do best quality construction
If you require our services for design and professional services later,please let me know.


Dear Sir,
I am a NRI, working in Saudi Arabia.
Currently I am constructing a 2500 Square Feet, two storied residential house at Changanacherry Town near Railway Station.
I had given a contract to construct the structure only, and the work is progressing well and is expected to be completed by the 1st week of March 2011.
I am looking for a professional (architect/designer) who can assist me to accomplish the remaining work which are  listed below.
1.Plumbing Work
2.Selecting Toilet Tiles & Accessories
3.Boundary Wall
5.Staircase Railing
6.Electrical Fittings/Accessories
8.Side Paneling Gypsum Board (Lightings)
9.Motor (Water) (Selection & Fixing)
10.Overhead Water Tank (Selection & Fixing)
11.Well (Finishing Work only)
12.Modular Kitchen (complete selection & fix)
13.Selecting the Flooring Materials & laying work
14.Fixing Solar Water heater
15.Painting the building
16.Landscaping work
17.Constructing Car Poarch (which is separate)
18.Furniture/Furnishing (Interior Designer) advice

I will be visiting Kerala on very short one week vacation from 2nd April to 6th April 2011, wherein I would like to take a final decision about the items listed above.
How can you help me? are you interested? please let me know by return email as soon as possible explaining clearly your terms and conditions.
Shaji Rawother
Saudi Arabia

My reply

I  can act as consultant for the works indicated by you and also provide our workmen if you require our direct involvement for the work.
It will be good if I can visit the site and assess work already done and suggest improvements/modifications possible at this stage.
If required an Estimate for works indicated by you can be given after site visit

You can have a look at few pictures of houses designed and built by us at Facebook page. You can even add me as a contact in Facebook so that you will get continuous updates on my blog entries and interactions with clients.
Here is the link:!/profile.php?id=531348963&sk=photos


Good morning Mr. Thomas,
I visited your web site and thought of having a chat regarding my plan  of my house cum  studio apartment construction.
I am in UAE with my family.
I have bought a 4.5 cent land in Edappally near to Cheranalloor .( Sketch attached. ). I have got a local designer in cochin and designed and approved  a plan.(attached) I have slight modification and specifications as per my little knowledge. Can you help me out.
Can you help us out as how it can be proceeded and what all services you can provide along with your split up rates.


My reply

After going through the plan of the house forwarded by you I found that the plan is prepared by some one without much expertise or experience.Many people think that plan prepared by any one person  is the only possible design for the house to be constructed.

A real good Architect with experience can make a lot of difference and he can give you the best possible design considering your requirements,funds availability ,possibilities and limitations of the plot.

You will understand defects of the present plan only after construction is over.Then it will be too late.Is it not better to spend few thousands now instead of loosing lakhs of rupees ?
A well designed house after completion will make you feel proud that you have built the best possible house within your capability and limitations.

I can redesign the house  and Kerala Building rules allow change of plan within approved plinth area ,if you have already obtained approval of plan from local authority.

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