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Free Consultation:Kerala House Construction,9/3/15

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Construction materials


Vinod has left a new comment on your post "Foundation Rubble work for house construction":
Please suggest which of the following material is the best for filling rubble dry pack foundation up to ground level, and also suggest if anything else is also suitable for the same purpose.
1) Crusher dust
2) Crusher sand
3) Conveyor belt waste
4) M Sand

My reply

While filling inside rubble work after dry pack for foundation part which comes under ground level, filling material will have to be force filled using water under force. Hence material used for filling should be able to penetrate inside gaps of rubble work easily. Sand is the best option. Quarry dust and M sand have tendency to get in to a solid nature when mixed with water. If you use these materials for filling, ensure that water is forced inside till no more water will go inside rubble foundation


Muhammed Amin has left a new comment on your post "Cost of constructing house":
sir I am working in KSA for  four years, Instant house making with concrete walls are more common. In Madras IIT also making homes, flats etc. with this kind of materials. What is your opinion about this types of homes in Kerala.

My reply

Rapid wall technology is adopted by FACT, Cochin. You can get in touch with them

Building rules


Shanid.KS has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I am from panachery panchayath Kerala. When i construct a home 1200sqft below the electric tower line 440kv .how is its rule which is the distance kept from that electric line vertically and horizontally

My reply

Constructing house below HT line is not good even for your health as HT line will create magnetic field around it. About clearance if required, you can check with concerned local authority


SudhaKr has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I am in possession of 1.5 cent of land in Cochin Corporation Area and in front of the land with a corporation Road. Shall I get permission to construct a house from Municipal Corporation?

My reply

Concessions on clearance space available for plots with area 3 cents and less in area. For details, contact concerned local authority


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have taken a permit from a Municipality to construct Ist floor and given the completion report within 3 years after construction. Thereafter more than 3 years completed. So far no body came for inspection and assessed any tax since I have not seen any officials individually. Now what action I have to take?

My reply

I don’t think anybody living in Kerala will expect a Govt. official to come on his own to assess your house construction

You will have to go after Govt official and get him to assess your house construction. Unfortunately that is the situation prevailing In Kerala


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Dear Sir,
I have purchased a plot of 4.25 cents in this north and south side have private road access, whether i have to leave 3 meter in both side pls advice.

My reply

If the side road is less than 75 M long, you need to leave only 2M


SreenivasK has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I own a 5 cents of land in a panchayath. I need to construct a house there. When I applied for a building permit, panchayath rejected that application saying that it is agricultural land. No agricultural activities are carried out there for last many years. I do not own any other land. How can I get permit? Any exemption available? Please advice.

My reply

If you got rejection of your application in writing, you can appeal to Agricultural committee comprising of Tahsildhar, Agricultural officer and Panchayath Engineer


Nithin Peter has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Please help me to find a proper solution for my issue.
I have applied for the building permit for extension & reconstruction of my old house.
After the inspection from the local authority they have said that construction is not possible because of CRZ Act. The reason they said that the plot near to my plot is covered with water in some of the portions. Because of that it should be treated as canal so it is not possible to construct. My plot is located at a 162 m difference from the river. But water portion on the other plot is very near to me. Its just only around 3-4 m. Is there any option to get the permission to construct the building.
Please post the information known to you

My reply

I think you will have to approach local authority through licensed Building permit handling persons as I do not see any violation of CRZ act as indicated by you. A site visit will be required for me to assess the case

Construction cost

Gopinathan Nair has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation,3/12/12":
Dear Sir - Is it possible to construct a house of 800 sft with 10 lakhs in Alappuzha 

My reply

No professional body or Govt. authority has declared a so called “square feet cost of construction” for any area. This is a term used by nonprofessional contractors to cheat their prospective customers. Anyone with little intelligence can make out that no one can exactly predict cost of hundreds of materials and different type of labour after about an year. Still people believe lies of contractors who construct without any engineering standards and quality to increase their profit and keep on demanding extras. By the time construction nears finish point, both house owner and contractor will forget that original promised “square feet cost”

Contractor will advise house owner not to get any Architect or experienced Engineering professional involved in work as they will create problems by giving detailed engineering/architectural drawings and monitor quality of work

Only option to reduce cost without sacrificing quality of construction is to get professional involvement from beginning to end of house construction if you value your money and do not want to be cheated by a contractor

Parking space in apartment


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I have recently purchased a residential apartment in Kerala. The builder had send a layout of the parking and we had chosen one slot. the layout did not contain any details of the area of the slot. Now we find that the slot is small and not sufficient for parking a big car. We took this up with the builder and they have replied that it cannot be changed now as it is mentioned in registration deed. Could you pls advise on this

My reply

Matter referred is legal in nature .I cannot comment on it without visiting site and going through relevant records

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