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Consultancy for commencement of Construction business in Kerala


Dear Sir
I'm a civil engineer with few years experience in gulf, i would like to
start a construction firm in Kerala in a small scale and i would like
to know the precaution,scope,initial investment to start the business.
I will be happy if you can do the architectural design part for me
once i start the business.
Kindly reply

My reply

We can act as consultants and guide you on start up of business

Our consultancy division can guide you on all aspects of business  with professional expertise

Building Upper floor below Steel truss roof with tiles laid


Dear Sir ,

I have already made a roof truss on my existing house which was build on 2006 having a flat roof area . Presently I made a steel structure and covered with clay tiles from one of my old home . Now I have an idea to close the side and prepare 2 attached bed rooms and one hall .

Appreciate your valuable guidance to move further .

Please refer the attachments( elevation / and roof area ) which is self explanatory to get more details .

My reply

I think adding rooms below steel truss roof is not advisable

Better get a professional to inspect the building and get suggestions

If you need our services,please let me know location



Hi Thomas

I have 2.8 cents of land in Trivandrum main road side. How much space should I leave on all four sides of the proposed building?


My reply

Please check up with town planning dept. of your local authority office with survey no of your plot

They will be able to tell you exact clearances allowable in your case

Flooring Suggestions


Hi Thomas,

Myself Sudheesh Chandran from Kottarakara and i am working in a pharmaceutical company in Thrissur.

I found your blog recently when i search for idea regarding flooring tiles for bedroom.

And i think its very nice to meet u in that blog and i hope i can mail u also for my doubts on the same.

Can you help me to suggest some ideas for the flooring of new bedroom and bathroom.

i was thinking about vitrified tiles for both for a good finishing with light color.

So how i can select those tiles.what all i want to consider.. and please consider the main thing that my low economical background

My Reply

Flooring suggestions in the present scenario can be as follows

Option 1-Living room,bed rooms;Teak wood flooring-It will cost as much as Granite flooring.Granite and Marble flooring are slippery in nature,Produces negative energy and hence not recommended

Option2-Bed rooms-Clay tiles.Availably is a problem as most of the clay tile factories in Kerala are closing down due to non availability of clay

Option3-Different varieties of advanced versions of vitrified tiles available which are anti slippery and with lesser cost

Building Permit-clearances


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
What is the distance to be kept from a state highway to construct a cultural center comprising Madrassa, Prayer Hall, Library etc.? What are the formalities to be completed before doing this? The plot in question is under a charitable trust. (1) To whom the application to be submitted? (2) Who will be the authority to give permission? (3) Whether the trust has to approach SH authorities for permission? (4) Or District Collector's permission thru' Panchayat is sufficient? (5) What is the role of Village authorities? (6) Which are the acts that governs this building in question? If possible please give me the GO Nos. to go through.

My reply

For any type of Building construction,you have to approach town planning dept. of Local authority concerned.They will guide you on how to proceed.It will be helpful if you can get assistance of a local Architect/Supervisor who deals with Building permit issues


United has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
3 meter distance from plot or road please clarify

My reply

3M clearance normally required from front side of plot to beginning of road


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Dear Thomas,
I have a land of 5 cents which is in a rectangular shape of 8.5 x 25 meters. i am going to leave 75cms from each sides because of the less width of the land. i already got permission from panchayath to do so. will there be any problem for obtaining number for my house after construction? your advice in this regard is highly required/ appreciated.

My reply

Panchayath authorities can clarify your doubt clearly

Asking for some plans


Dear Sir,
I am planning to construct a 1000 SQFT area house.. Can you please provide me some plans...

My reply

I get similar mails and enquiries quite often.It is because people think of Plan for house to be constructed as something not so important.They think any plan prepared by any one will be fine especially if plan can be obtained without any charges.

A well-designed plan by a qualified professional with good experience in designing and building houses can give you better facilities, appearance and lesser cost of construction as the plan will reflect wealth of experience of the professional obtained by designing and building hundreds of houses

Basic Plan for the house will be prepared after site visit, taking into account following:

1. Information provided by you on your needs, desires and hopes for the house.

2. Vasthu aspects

3. Traditional Kerala Architecture features

4. Modern architecture features

5. Structural engineering aspects to reduce cost of construction

6. Kerala Building Rules

7. Features of site and surroundings

Cost of construction of a house and effective utilisation of limited space to maximum advantage for the house owner depends solely on the best plan you manage to get from the expert you can find to suit specifically to your needs,site and surroundings.

Just any plan obtained from websites,magazines or obtained free from contractors will not be good for you.It will create loss of your money and problems which you will be able to understand only after completion of the building when it will be too late to do anything

I have seen many cases where people after realising the folly call me to see if something can be done after completion of structure of building.I or any body else cannot do much at that stage for problems and losses caused by a plan of the house not suited to the plot requirements  and budget of the house owner

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