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#Kerala House construction-Replies to your queries



Krishna has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
Hi Mr.Thomas
Is it required to leave 5.5m in front of the house from the corporation road for constructing house in a 7.5 Cent plot

My reply
First of all please note that posting comments in blogs like this will delay or sometimes missing of my reply to you.Please send your queries to my email id

Even though Kerala Building rules specify clearances for leaving space on all sides of a house,local authority may impose additional restrictions /freezing of land for public  projects.Hence in your case it will be better if you make enquiries with concerned section of  your local authority like Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath



Dear Thomas,
I am looking for laying interlocking tiles in my house premises.Would
like to know about the per sq. ft. rates for completing the work..I am
looking for white and black combination of tiles..Do let me know..

My reply

There is no point in I giving rates for both material and labour as it can vary for different  manufacturer and labour supplier and also from place to place



I am Adel Mzanar from Lebanon, I'm building a modern house, it's almost built but i still have to do something about two exterior elevations, i like modern architecture, i have seen several designs in your website " Kerala home" and i like to do something similar.
Could you please help me? if yes i can send you all necessary documents ( 2d and real pictures at the moment).

My reply

Generally people have lot of misunderstanding about Elevation of a building.This query comes out of such misunderstanding.

Elevation of a building will have to be planned by an Architect at the time of preparation of the plan of the building itself.For a Building,most critical most important drawing is plan of the building.Some people think that plan can be drawn by any one and all that Architect has to do is to give a good looking Elevation for any plan of the building or even for completed building like what this gentleman is seeking.

Architect is not a magician.Plan of the building will have  to be made by a qualified experienced Architect drawing inputs from his knowledge acquired through training and experience to a manner which will facilitate a good Elevation.Even if an Architect draws an attractive Elevation,without capable workers who can understand,follow his instructions correctly with skills,it will not be possible to convert that good looking Elevation to a reality

At a later stage in construction of a house without a site visit and possible interactions  with workers doing the work to assess their capability an Architect cannot find ways to make suitable changes corrections to improve upon the front view of the house attained so far.


Dear sir,

I have a plot of 8 cents 23.7 in length and width is 10. in Karunagapally. I want to have a 4 bed room house of which 2 bed room in down and 2 bedroom in upstairs. I want to take only 600 sq. ft. in down and 350 in upper addition I want to have a kitchen and a adjacent room as a work area , a small dining hall . a sit out and a car porch. I want to restrict the expenses to maximum of 10 lacs.

I want to have your kind advice in this and whether it can be done. and if so, what i have to do to realize my plans.

Awaiting for your reply


My reply

See,without even help of an expert he arrived at plinth area of 4 bed house to be built and also decided on the possible cost.For an investment like building a house,you should not simply make guesses and decisions without professional guidance and assistance

A four bed room house with other usual features cannot be built less than 2000 sft unless you are willing to have much more smaller rooms.Making smaller rooms will only increase cost as cost is not directly proportional to plinth area of the house

For one of the most critical investment of your life like building house,please go for professional design,guidance and assistance till completion of the project

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