Monday, March 5, 2012

#Kerala House Construction-Replies to your queries


Dear Thomas

I have visited your blogs and websites and found interesting.

I am planning to build a house near Yelahanka, Bangalore. Let me know whether you have a team here in Bangalore from your office who could execute construction of a 30 x 40 plot size. This plot is located in Rajanakunte town limits (next to Prestige Oasis Row Houses and diagonally opposite to Prestige's Angsana Resort). It's 7 kms away from Yelahanka town limits (on the way to Doddaballapur Road).

My reply

Most important part of building a house or any other type of building is to get the most appropriate Plan of the building considering Architectural aspects which ensure proper utilisation of every bit of built up space,deriving maximum utility from every bit of building space,Cost reduction and better external appearance.

A person who has undergone a professional course in Architecture get enough insights to design most appropriately.More than the formal training a true Architect study and experiment a lot while designing and building.Over a period of years he develops his own unique style and approach which keep on getting fine tuned and improvised  as study never ends in the life of a professional

Any one with a bit of drawing training can draw a plan of the building.If you consider such a plan of the building which you may get for a name sake payment  equal or similar to one you can get from an established experienced Architect who has proven his capabilities,it is you who is going to suffer by wastage of lakhs of money in building.As an end user you come to know about deficiencies in design only when the building gets completed.Then it will be too late to do anything by any body.

Difference with you and an established professional is that he can visulaise and see clearly in his mind every minute detail of the building which he visualises using his training and experiences.You can only see the external appearance of what he may draw for you to see.Even that drawing keep on getting improved in his mind as work progresses and he make suitable changes in his mind depending upon varying site inputs.

So even when you build in Bangalore or any where else,a good design is the most important part of building.Let us first get that appropriate design and then think about contract work for the building




We are from Malappuram. we come across some of your nice designs. we plan to construct a house around 1500 sq. ft. could u please send d Elevation for three bed room house designed by u


My reply

See,this is how people think!

” Any one can make plan of house.Only an Architect can do a good Elevation.So get a good Elevation from an Architect.Give it to a local draftsman.He will make a plan!”

See how ignorant our people are on these.Quite often I hear people willing to pay for Elevation ,but not for plan of the house!



Hello sir,

Can we build a 2000sq.ft. house in 4 cents of rectangular plot with all minimum necessities

My reply

Cents is only area of land and it does not give any idea on dimensions of plot on all four sides,which is the information a designer need to design the house.Positions of roads near plot is also important.For Vasthu compliance,information on direction is also required

In general terms without information on dimensions of sides,I can give a vague indication that 4 Bed room house with all normal facilities can be built in a 4 cents land,as I have done so even in 3.5 cents land

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