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Architecture-queries and replies


got your mail id from your web site

I would like to construct my new house  with Ferro- Cement technology..Sir, could you please help me to find someone who does this work in Cochin,(North Paravur) area..

Expecting your valuable reply soon

Sreekanth S

My reply

Theoretically yes.Possible.But in Cochin area those who do Ferro cement work take up only  septic tank and water tank work.Unless you have workers skilled in doing Ferro cement work,you can not do construction of your house with Ferro cement walls


Dear Mr.Thomas,

I live in Chennai and I wish to have a house plan based on vasthu principles. Your blog seems to be quite impressive and contains straight forward views.

I would like to have G +1 plan for my east facing plot. Find enclosed one page pdf document containing sketch of my plot. Preferred dimension of the built up area is depicted on the attached sketch.

Awaiting your reply.


My reply

Yes. I can do the design and follow up drawings for execution of the work

Construction methodology

Dear Mr. Thomas,
I am Binu from 'Thottilpalam, 50 km away from Calicut. I am planning to build a house suitable for a middle class family. Two years before I had purchased 22 cent land suitable for constructing a house. This land has road access (for lorry) and it faces towards west. I am searching for a good contractor capable to build a quality house and I wish to maintain quality from foundation to till the finishing. I am working in Qatar as a workshop supervisor in a construction company. I have limited knowledge about building construction and as I have strong desire for building a house, in Qatar also I used to watch the way a building / house is constructing here. Here it is the normal practice that for constructing even a single storey house the foundation is built with reinforced concrete and after that concrete pillars and roof slab on it so that the concrete bricks using for walls will not get the weight of roof slab. But in Kerala, the normal practice is that pillars are minimized in houses and the foundation is constructing with rocks. I would like to know your opinion in this matter.

It would be helpful for me if you could provide your valuable suggestion for constructing a house. If it is possible to construct a house in my area by your firm, please let me know the approximate amount for it.


My reply

In most of the Kerala landscape,we have laterite or stable soil strata.That is why we prefer to go for less costly Rubble foundation and brick walls which carry weight of roof instead of column beam structure.In places where the soil condition is not that good,even in Kerala we go for pile foundation and column beam structure


I have a plan for the house in West direction, designed by an
engineer. The car porch comes at the south west corner partially
projecting to west and partially cut into the south west corner of the
house. A Vasthu consultant told me that it is not vasthu complaint for
the car porch to be there. That vacant portion at kannimoola will
cause lot of trouble for the inhabitants.

I have attached the plan.

Could you please comment on this. Thanks in advance for your valuable


My reply

That is not even a proper plan of the house.It has Vasthu,Architectural and structural Engineering defects.

Some of the defects noted in the plan sent are the following

1.As per Vasthu for a West facing house,car porch and gate should come at North half of the front side of the house.Main door also should come at North side.More towards north better.

2.Kitchen should come at Agni Konam(South east).Bed room at South East will be harmful to those who stay in that room.

3.Master bed room should come at South West.

4.Spiral stair case will be costly,it will take more space and is no more in present day trend.Putting stair case at Front Living room will adversely affect your privacy as every person coming from first floor will have to move inside house visible to guests.

5.Dining space is completely dark.Even living room has lesser light.

6.Dining is too small and work area is too big.

7.As per Vasthu toilet at South east corner and North east corner is harmful

If you want me to re design the plan,please let me know

Construction while working abroad


I have a plot in Polaythodu, Kollam which has 23 cents of land.

I wish to make a house similar to the one you have constructed, which was shown on your website a 3 bedroom house.

I am abroad at this moment so could you please tell me if you will be able to construct a house for us?

How you will be able to construct a new house for us whilst we are abroad?

Also, how long will it take, the cost?


My reply

We can design and build your house in your absence.You will get complete details by email periodically and also you can even see construction going on at your site through a blog specifically for your sites with pictures of work going on periodically posted.

So it will be as good as you are present here in Kerala physically.Being professionals qualified and experienced in the art of building houses,you can get the best at the least cost

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