Monday, March 14, 2011

Queries and replies-House remodeling,construction



Dear Thomas, I went through your blog and found you are providing advice for the above mentioned subject. I am from Chengannur, exactly Perissery, I want to renew my existing house. My plan is to convert the existing kitchen to modular one, to make a sitting out, to remove the 15 yr old mosaic flooring and to put tiles and other small associated jobs.
My main issue is I am not aware of any good contractors who can do this job perfectly and that should worth the money I spend. At present my father and mother are staying in the same house. I hope you can understand my needs, kindly give me advice and reference if available regarding a dependable contractor.
Thank you for your valuable time and waiting for the reply.
Thanks and regards,
Viju M Varghese.

My reply

All the work indicated by you can be done by us directly  with our expert workers.Best quality material for the work can be arranged from Cochin
If you require an approximate Estimate and my suggestions on the work to be done I can give it after site visit.



Dear Sir,

How are you? I got your ID from Facebook.

I am from Koottanad near Pattambi working at Qatar.
My house construction is under progress at native (a small one)
Give me suggestion regarding side concreting after Lintel, whether slop or straight is better. My Engineer given two designs for the roof side concreting. I am sending you the same.

hope you will give valuable suggestion

Santhosh MB

My reply

Slope sunshade will give better look to the house.But it should be placed at 255 cm height from ground level of building
If you need i can visit site and give necessary guidance.



I am planning  to build precast farm house  ( 2 bed room )  in Visakhapatnam please  advise how u can  help me in this issue


My reply

For your Vishakhapatnam property we can provide complete design details.For construction you have to engage local contractor.



Dear Thomas,

My name is Jose Rathappillil, residing in Florida, US. I am thinking of building a home in my ancestral property, which is located at Kalloorkad, Kerala. The kind of house I have in mind is a two storied, traditional with modern amenities, with 8-10 bed rooms & about 5-6000 sft. This house will be situated at the north - eastern corner of a 5 acre property. The home site will have about .75 acres & facing north. This site has road frontage on its northern & eastern sides.

I will be visiting Kerala in early May & would like to meet you & discuss about this project. If you are interested please let me know. I am also attaching a picture of a house which I have found in the news paper.  
Thank you very much.


Jose Rathappillil

My reply

A house suited to your requirements,plot,vasthu factors environment around your land will have to be specifically designed.In fact there are much better elevations done by us as can be seen from Facebook pictures loaded
Before starting design of the house I would prefer to visit the plot
First step in construction of house  is preparation of Basic Plan of the house
Site visit  before preparing plan will be better though plan can be prepared if you can give complete measurements of all four sides of plot, directions of each side and positions of roads near plot.



Dear Thomas,
Please see the attached drawing and the plot details.
I want to keep the house under 3000Sqft , so there is no car porch ,
The porch is planned to be built later beside the house.
Also, I had wanted all rooms to have good sunlight and air flow.
Do you think, the plan is a good one or require changes ?
Aji Kumar

My reply

Plan require not simply few changes but total revision
Even though drawing quality is good professional design and Vasthu compliance are missing.For a three bed room house,you do not require 3000 sft.By properly redesigning the plan,you can get better design with lesser cost of construction

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