Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vasthu compliance for house in USA-query and reply


I am planning to get my first house in US and it quite frustrating to find anything that complies with Vasthu. I am looking only at the entrance (to be east facing) and kitchen area (to be North east facing). My question is would this be enough. Also, if there is some aspect of the house that is not according to Vasthu is there anything that could be done without redesigning the entire house?

Attached is the map of the house with the picture of Vasthu purush (got from Wikipedia). I don't have the complete design of the house.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.

With warm regards,

My reply

Vasthu is applicable anywhere in the world as it is based on polarity which does not change from one part of earth to another.
For the house to face best options as per Vasthu are the following in that order
But house can be designed in a manner to suit direction of facing of the house.For more details read my following blog entry
If you can send me plan of the house along with directions indicated,I can tell you how far the house is in compliance with Vasthu

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